Form Optimization Case Study

Capital One

Company: Capital One

Sector: Financial Services (Credit Cards)

Country: UK

Results: Form conversion rate doubled from 39% to 81%

“Zuko is the perfect example of an innovative product that has had a tangible impact on our business performance.”

Shomari Carty, Capital One

The Challenge

Capital One is a global credit provider headquartered in the United States. Their UK credit card team were looking for ways to improve the volume of successful applications. The vast majority of customers are recruited through the website using forms to collect their personal details.

Capital One worked with Zuko to add form analytics tracking to their site to understand where the friction points for the user were and how their conversion rate could be improved.

Capital One Screenshot for form

The Solution

By analysing the data over a period of two months, Capital One were able to identify where and when users were abandoning their form and create potential solutions to fix these issues. Specifically, they made the following changes:

The Results

The changes to the form had an immediate impact. They delivered:

Capital One were delighted with the results of the project and rolled form analytics out across their portfolio of web forms.

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