Form Optimization Case Study

Property Rescue

In Summary

Company: Property Rescue + their agency Beyond Clicks

Sector: Property

Country: UK

Results: Changes implemented after analysis of Zuko data almost doubled the form conversion rate

“We would not have been so successful in improving the form performance for our client without the insight that Zuko data provided.”

Beyond Clicks

Property Rescue, a UK based house purchasing business, believed their main acquisition form was underperforming but could not be sure why. They challenged their CRO agency, Beyond Clicks with increasing the number of qualifying leads that converted through the form.

Zuko tracking was added to the form to identify which fields may be causing issues for users and help create hypotheses on how to make improvements.

The Solution

Zuko data revealed a particular field was causing issues for users and seemed to be driving abandonment. Beyond Clicks hypothesised that removing the field would improve overall conversion.

To test this theory, the field was taken out of the form to see what the effect was on performance.

The Results

Form performance improved immediately after the change was made. The percentage conversion rate of the form leapt from 5.50% to 9.95%. This represented a 81% increase in the volume of leads being driven through the site. The change was made permanent and Property Rescue retained Beyond Clicks to drive further improvements across their site.

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