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Segment Comparison Download

At Zuko we’re always developing new features and are excited to share our latest feature: Segment Comparison CSV Download.This new feature allows you to download the data from a specific Segment Comparison.

You can see the raw metrics for your chosen segments side-by-side including:

To download the CSV simply click the Download CSV button found at the top right of the segment comparison graph.

The Segment Comparison CSV Download organises your data by day and segment with the order matching that of the segment comparison itself:

With Segment Comparison there’s no limit to the number of segments you can compare and and the date range you can choose and all of this data will be included in your Segment Comparison CSV Download.

The Segment Comparison CSV download  is the latest feature update for Zuko. making it even easy to create your own charts and flexibly manipulate your data outside of Zuko.

This new feature is one of many new and exciting features and updates for Zuko, giving you a new perspective on your form data.

If you have any questions about this update or would like a demo of Zuko please get in touch

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