Learn form optimization from the market leaders
Formisimo are launching Zuko Academy to help you learn how to design and optimize your online forms.

Who we are

Formisimo have been at the forefront of form analytics and optimization for over 6 years. In that time, we’ve created two market leading form analytics platforms, capturing billions of form interactions across millions of sessions worldwide. 

During that time, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients  on how to improve online forms to ensure they are easy to complete and their conversion rate is as high as possible.

We are launching our academy to share our learnings and expertise with you, and teach you how to improve your organization's online forms.

Our form optimization course

Our form design and optimization course will teach you the fundamentals of form design, showing you best practices across a number of key elements of an online form. You’ll learn how to make small changes to your existing user experience as well as broader best practice principles for designing online forms.

Whilst there is no such thing as ‘the perfect form’ this course will give you the knowledge and expertise you need to improve any online form you have ownership of, and ensure the UX and conversion rates are as good as possible.


Why form design and optimization is important

webform tracking

Forms often represent the final hurdle in an online buying journey, yet are often underserved in terms of design and effort to make them as easy as possible to complete. From our research we know that 67% of people that start to fill out an online form fail to successfully submit it.

Form optimization can have a transformative effect on a business. By spending time ensuring that your form journeys are as easy to complete as possible, you can increase sales, cut the cost of acquiring customers and improve user experience all at the same time.

Forms don’t always need to be redesigned to be improved either. Small tweaks, changes and optimizations can have a huge impact on the overall experience your users have in your forms. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have seen big jumps in conversion rates from small changes.

What you will learn

This course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of form design and principles behind creating easy to use and high converting forms. This form optimization course will include a broad range of topics and include content covering:

  • Layout and design
  • Help messaging
  • Field validation
  • Navigation
  • Error messaging and delivery
  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Accessibility
  • Microcopy

In short, this course will give you everything you need to start tweaking the design and user experience of your current online forms to make them easier to use and complete. You'll have knowledge on how to design high converting forms if and when you decide to redesign your online form journeys too.

“Getting access to an expert opinion was just as important for us as seeing behaviour data. Formisimo’s consultant was a key part of our optimization process, and their insight saved us considerable time allowing us to speed up our optimization journey. The insight they provided was on point, and we saw great results based on their advice.”

Russell Harte, Group Technology Director, DFS

Who the course is for

Analytics Professionals
Front End
UX and UI Professionals
Online form stakeholders

The impact of form optimization

Through our analytics platform Zuko and predecessor Formisimo, we’ve seen dozens of companies improve the conversion rates of their forms through marginal improvements and redesigns.

These improvements can be as low as 5-10% but are often much higher, with a recent client improving their conversion rate by 86% by implementing best practice and improved user experience.

Improving your online forms not only can contribute to the bottom line of your online business, it can drastically improve all online user experience for your potential customers. This course will give you the knowledge and expertise you need to start making these changes and seeing the impact on your business and customer experience.

Enroll now

Form optimization course only

£399 per person

This includes:

- Online video lessons taught by co-founder of Formisimo
- Online course materials and content produced by Formisimo Team
- End of course examination
- End of course certification
- Lifetime access to course materials
- Dedicated account manager

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