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Formisimo (Zuko's parent company) was founded in 2014. Since then, we've been on a mission - to help businesses understand user behaviour in online forms. We've tracked millions of sessions across thousands of forms for hundreds of clients, and more than ever we know that paying attention to form fill behaviour can make a huge difference to the conversion rate of your site. We've even used that knowledge to create a separate Form Builder product designed to deliver a smooth user experience and maximize form completions.

Formisimo was founded by Al Mackin and Tom New, and the technology was born out of their frustration with filling in forms and online checkouts. Al had founded a digital marketing agency where he used data and analytics to improve the performance of his clients websites.

Realising that no analytics platform could help him understand user behaviour in forms, he created a prototype that could measure how website visitors engaged with forms. The first prototype was created with two key principles: it had to be installed within seconds, and it had to reveal data that would lead to an increase in website conversions.

Al and Tom went on to develop the Formisimo Analytics platform: an easy-to-use cloud-based analytics package that shows you why website visitors don't complete a form. They quickly received Venture Capital backing and have grown from there.

In early 2019 the team launched Zuko, a successor to Formisimo and an upgrade in every way - more features, flexibility and insight than ever before, but just as easy to use.

Formisimo / Zuko is based in Manchester, UK.

If you would like to see for yourself how Zuko can help you improve your online forms and checkouts, you can get started with a free trial account (no card details required):

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Craig Sullivan - CEO, Optimise or Die

Zuko is the world's most powerful form analytics solution

If you or a client has a form on their website that is a vital part of an online experience, then we can help make it better. Using data and insight, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and finally give you all the tools you need to make that experience the best its ever been.

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