Installation Guides

Help and guidance on how to set up and use the Zuko platform

Most Popular Guides

Getting Started

Setting up a Zuko Agency Account
Field Labelling Wizard
How to find the Zuko target
Exporting field data from Zuko
Exporting Form Level Data from Zuko
Setting up Zuko in Google Tag Manager
Setting up a Multi Step Form in Zuko
Examples of Zuko installation
Checking your code installation
Labelling and Ordering Your Fields and Inputs
Navigating the Zuko App
Adding Zuko form tracking codes to your site
Introduction to the Zuko tracking codes
Adding a form in Zuko

The Zuko Reports

Field Segment Comparison Guide
Insights Report Guide
Form Funnel Builder
Field Flow Guide
Session Explorer Guide
Field Data View Guide
Form Data View Guide
Views, Starters, Completions & Abandons Split By Attribute
Live View
Alerts Guide
Form Segment Comparison Guide
Average Field Return Over Time Graph
Median Session Duration Over Time Graph
View, Starter and Completion Rates Over Time Graph

Advanced Set Up

Export Data Using Zuko's API
Creating Zuko Overrides in Google Tag Manager
Distinguishing between 'Continue' Buttons
Tracking Traffic Medium
Merging Data from Fields Together
Turning UTM codes into Custom Attributes in Zuko using Google Tag Manager
Tracking Custom Attributes using Google Tag Manager
Tracking Custom Events in Zuko using Google Tag Manager
Tracking non-standard form elements in Zuko
Setting up a Multi Step Form in Zuko
Using Custom Events
Using Custom Attributes

Interpreting Your Data

Analysing Behaviour Difference
Using Zuko to uncover your first insight
Metric Definitions
Interpreting Your Data - The Basics

Form Builder

Using Webhooks with Zuko Form Builder
Zapier Integration
Publishing your form
Step-by-step guide to building your first form

Integration Guides

Webhooks from the Zuko Analytics API
Run Form Experiments with Kameleoon
Run A/B Form Tests Using Monetate
Use Zuko tracking on Zoho Forms
Add Zuko to Formstack Forms
Install Zuko on WP Forms
Track User Behaviour in Gravity Forms
Collect SiteSpect Campaign Data in Zuko
Export Zuko Data into Looker Studio (GDS)
Shopify Plus Checkout Tracking with Zuko
Magento Checkout Analytics with Zuko
Run Form Experiments with Optimizely
A/B Test with
Embed Zuko Tracking in Jotform
Tracking Google Optimize Variants in Zuko