Adding a form in Zuko

Getting set up in Zuko is straightforward. To start showing you data, we need two things in place:

  1. A form configured ready to receive data
  2. Tracking codes added to your site

To add a form into your account, simply click Add Form in the top right of the Top Nav. You’ll then see the following screen:

  1. Organisation - select the Organisation you want to add the form into. 
  2. Main Contact- select the person you wish to receive the primary emails about the form
  3. Label - simply pick a label that will be how the form appears within Zuko. For example you might pick “Test Environment - Checkout Step 1” or “Enquiry Form - All Page”
  4. URL - copy and paste the Full URL of where the form appears on your site. Zuko extracts the domain and uses this to send data to the right place
  1. If you form appears on multiple pages on your site, enter one of the URLs here - provided you add the code to the right places on your site, data will still track correctly.
  2. If the URL contains UTM parameters, don’t worry, those can also be entered here -  provided you add the code to the right places on your site, data will still track correctly.

For multi-step forms that appear across multiple URLs, you will need to set up a form for each step in the process and enter the URL for each every time.

For Single Page Apps or Multi-Step forms contained on the same URL, simply enter the URL of the first step.

If you have a form that appears in multiple places on your website, simply add the URL of one of the pages where it appears.

Click Save, and you’ll be taken to a page that contains the Activity Tracking and Completion Tracking Codes for your form. Your form is now configured in Zuko and ready to receive data once you have added the codes to your site.

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