Zuko benchmarking and form performance data

We're opening up our data. For the first time you can explore a wide range of metrics across various industries, form types, devices and browsers. You can find various reports below that explore and illustrate differences in data taken from the millions of sessions we've tracked. How does your online form stack up?

About the Data

Find out more about the data we've used to go into our benchmarking study. Get a breakdown of industries, form types, browsers and device types. Click to see more.

Industry Benchmarking

Compare industry form performance across a wide range of form metrics, including average form completion rate, time to complete, and more. Click to start exploring the data.

Form Type Benchmarking

Compare the performance of different types of form, such as application, purchase, registration across a range of Zuko metrics. Click to see more on different form types.

Form Performance Analysis

Explore how different form performance metrics affect each other - for example compare the number of form fields with the average number of field returns. Click to find out more.

Zuko is the world's most powerful form analytics solution

If you or a client has a form on their website that is a vital part of an online experience, then we can help make it better. Using data and insight, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and finally give you all the tools you need to make that experience the best its ever been.