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Form purpose benchmarking

Here you can compare how different form types compare in terms of performance.
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About the Data

Find out more about the data we've used to go into our benchmarking study. Get a breakdown of industries, form types, browsers and device types. Click to see more.

Form benchmarking pie chart

Industry Benchmarking

Compare industry form performance across a wide range of form metrics, including average form completion rate, time to complete, and more. Click to start exploring the data.

Form Performance Analysis

Explore how different form performance metrics affect each other - for example compare the number of form fields with the average number of field returns. Click to find out more.

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View to starter %- The % of form starters as compared to form views - how many people started interacting with the form after viewing it?
Starter to completion rate- The % of form completions when compared to  form starters. How many people completed the form after starting it?
Starter to Completion % - of those that started interacting with the form, what % of people successfully submitted it?
View to completion %- This compares the number of form completions to form views - this is often used as a benchmark for how’ good’ a form is, and is also called a Conversion Rate.
Completion time -
how long did users spend interacting with a form before submitting it?
Abandonment Time - how long did users spend interacting with a form before leaving?
Field Return - A field return is when a user exits a field after entering some data only to return to it at a later stage in their session. A single field can have multiple field returns, and a session can also have many.
Avg. Field returns- Looking across all sessions, what was the average number of times that a user had to return to fields that they had previously exited. This metrics only consider form starters in its calculation.