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Comparing Zuko to other products in the UX and Analytics market

We often get asked to compare ourselves to a number of other products and tools with a similar mission to ours - to help understand user behaviour online, and improve user experience and conversions.

There are many out there, and they all offer various different tools to help understand your potential customers. It can be a difficult process to work out exactly which one will fit your needs and requirements and give you the insight you require for the budget you have available.

Below are a few we often get asked to compare ourselves to, and you may be surprised at this comparison:

As you can see, this seems to be an admission that you should use other products, since they do more! Usually when a company compares itself to others, it always comes out on top in terms of the breadth of features available.

Zuko is different.

Zuko is a specialist product, designed with one aim in mind: the world's best form analytics.

Instead of building out a feature set that covers all of the above bases and 'does a bit of everything', Zuko focuses on one, vital part of the customer experience, and does it really, really well. For a full comparison of Zuko vs some others on form analytics, you can either click the below button or scroll to bottom of the page (spoiler - Zuko does better in this comparison!).

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Why does Zuko focus just on forms?

Zuko focuses on form analytics for two main reasons:

  1. Forms are such an important part of the customer journey, we believe it is vital to understand user behaviour in them fully. Almost every customer journey involves a form. Almost all of the value generated by a website comes from people completing forms. Imagine if your websites' forms all broke at the same time for weeks. You might still make some offline sales, but we're sure that your business would be in trouble. Similarly, a good form journey and experience can transform the fortunes of a business. By improving the conversion rate of an online form, a company can sell more, make more effective use of its marketing budget, and importantly offer a customer a better experience when interacting with their brand online. It's because of this importance that we believe you need the best product possible to help you understand and improve those online forms.
  2. Forms are often complicated from a code standpoint, and therefore often difficult to track technically. Forms are built in an almost infinite number of ways when it comes to the code that is used to build them, which makes them particularly difficult to track and makes it even harder to make sense of the data. Many of the products listed above will break if your form is anything other than simple. Because we only focus on forms, we've spent the time and effort needed to build Zuko so that, no matter how your form works, we can track it and show you insightful data and metrics. So whilst some products may claim to offer form analytics, you may find that you cannot use that piece of functionality at all - with Zuko you always know that you're paying for something that works, and does the job it is intended to do.

Why would I use Zuko instead of something that offers more?

Other than the reasons listed above, we believe that many organisations want the best tool for each job. For companies who know that their forms are a vital part of the future success of the company, we know that getting 'a bit' of insight is not enough. Zuko reliably and consistently uncovers insights about customer behaviour in online forms, and we think that only a specialist tool can do that.

Other companies have taken a similar approach:

  • Optimizely does not offer session replay, it does A/B testing and personalisation really really well.
  • FullStory does not offer aggregated analytics data, it does Session Replay really really well.
  • Google Analytics does not offer heatmaps, it does webpage analytics really really well.
  • Zuko does not do Session Replay, it does form analytics really really well.

Often our customers tell us that even though some of these products appear to offer a lot of functionality for the price, each individual product within the toolset is basic, limited or lacks key functionality to make it really valuable. The feature set looks great on paper, but ultimately offers little in the long run in terms of value.

We also think you should use other products! Zuko should not replace your existing toolkit and products, but instead should be used to strengthen the overall picture and understanding you have of your customers. Most of our customers used at least one other product (sometimes many) at the same time as Zuko - their aim is to have the best understanding of their customers, and use the best tool for each part of that understanding.

And what about Google Analytics (which is free)?

Google Analytics is a fantastically powerful, free tool, and one that we use here at Formisimo. It has a broad range of features that are fantastic for understanding online customer behaviour and can be customised heavily too. But, it isn't designed to track forms easily, and isn't built to show field metrics at all.

Whilst it is true that with a lot of time and resources thrown at it, Google Analytics can provide you some form data, but this is likely to take you a long time, a lot of pain, and will likely break as soon as you start changing your website. It will also only offer you a fraction of the insight, because GA is not designed to show field data!

Zuko will give you more form metrics, more form data, more form insight, straight out of the box, and won't break if your site changes.

How do I know if I need Zuko?

Of course we believe everyone should be making their online forms better through data, but we also understand that for some businesses this is even more of a priority. If the forms on your site fall into one of more of these categories then we think you should be using Zuko immediately:

  • Your forms are long, complex and cannot be shortened by simply cutting fields
  • Your business is in a competitive market, with lower brand loyalty than you'd ideally want
  • You cost per acquisition is higher than you'd like
  • The lifetime value of your customers is high (so each additional customer is very valuable to you)
  • Your business cannot be successful without people filling out online forms

Customers than fall into many of the above categories find enormous value in using Zuko, and so will you.

You may see other products claiming to do more than Zuko, but you'll not find another product on the market that even claims to do form analytics better than us. We're the best at what we do, hands down. Zuko is the best form analytics product in the world.

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