Field Flow Guide

Zuko’s Field Flow feature lets you analyse how your visitors move through your form from field to field, and also gives you insight on why people who have tried to submit your form haven’t been successful in doing so.

To get started, select a time period, form and any filters from the navigation bar. Then select the field you want to analyse.

The Field Flow navigation bars

The field flow visualisation will then show you what visitors did immediately after interacting with that field. Did they move to another field, abandon or successfully complete the form?

The Zuko Field Flow breakdown - where did the visitor go next?

The accompanying table provides a breakdown of the raw data if you need that.

The table breaks down the raw data for you

Note that in some cases where there is a significant amount of data in the report, Field Flow will sample the data rather than process it all. The report will indicate that this is the case and confirm sample size.

How should you use Field Flow?

Field Flow is great for seeing how visitors move from field to field in your form. You can run through it and see if they are moving naturally to the next field or if they are being distracted by something else.

Perhaps the greatest value, however, can be gained by looking at the visitors who tried to submit your form but were unable to. They ended up going back to other fields (probably prompted by error messages), tried to correct them, but ultimately ended up abandoning you. If you can understand where the friction was, you can make the necessary changes and have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

To get this insight you should set the filter to abandoned sessions only. Then, select your “Submit” button on the field selector (or the “Next” button for multi-step forms). The visualisation and table will then show you where people who did not successfully complete went next. Look at the fields with the highest interaction count. These are very likely to be the fields that your visitors are struggling with and that are driving them to drop out.

For instance, in the below example, the highlighted fields - User Name, Mobile Phone and Password - are the ones the form owner should pay the most attention to.

The fields visitors return to are the ones most likely to be problematic

If you would like more help getting the most out of the Field Flow feature you can contact your Account Manager at

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