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Data, news and insight from the Formisimo team

Asking for credit card information online

Read our guide to asking for payment details online, including some best practice advice, and some common pitfalls to avoid.

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Making Online Forms More Accessible

Some tips on making your forms accessible to be more inclusive and easier to complete by everyone

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Progress Bars in Online Forms

Progress indicators are a powerful tool to help your customers complete their form-filling journey - how can you get them right?

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A Guide to Error Messages in Online Forms

A guide to crafting and displaying useful error messages in online forms

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Password Creation in Online Forms

In in-depth guide to asking users to create passwords in your online form, including examples, best-practices and mistakes to avoid

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Eye tracking study - Date of Birth Fields

Read our findings from a joint Eye Tracking study conducted with Nudge Insights on various online forms asking for date of birth information

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Inline Validation in Online Forms

A discussion of some of the considerations when implementing inline validation for your online form.

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Opt in, opt out and marketing preferences - Getting Permission from Customers

Opt in vs. Opt out email and marketing preferences - which method should you choose?

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Asking for credit card information in online forms

This guide provides some best practice and things to avoid when designing inputs to ask for credit card information online

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7 Examples of Bad Web Form Designs

Learn from the worst in this selection of bad online forms

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Why Drop Downs are Bad for Online Forms

We discuss why drop downs are problematic for users in almost all cases, and give you alternatives to try instead.

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Titles in online forms - how inclusive should you be?

It should be simple, but asking for a potential customer's Title can be surprisingly fraught with difficulty. How should you approach it?

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Research: Eye tracking on Contact Details

In collaboration with Nudge Insights, we compare how 6 online journeys ask for Contact Details and tell you what can be learnt from the different approaches.

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Research: Eyetracking on Date of Birth fields

What Real Eye Tracking Data Taught Us About Asking for Date of Birth Information.

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Research: Eyetracking on Employment Details

A closer look at Santander, Halifax, Post Office and Little Loans form analysis. What can we learn from their mistakes?

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What is Customer Success?

What is Customer Success and why is it important?

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Why Instant Offices use Zuko

Read why Instant Office use Zuko to measure their forms' performance and increase conversion rates

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