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Webinar: How to Optimize Forms in Financial Services

Advice to reduce abandonment on your financial forms

Financial services is Zuko's biggest customer sector. In this webinar we take you through some of our top tips to improve conversion rates in banking, credit card, loan, insurance and forex customer acquisition forms.

You can download the White Paper mentioned in the webinar here.

TLDW: The key tips in the video to improve your financial form conversion are:

  1. Speak your customers’ language - talk to them how they speak
  2. Consider “non-intenders” - not everyone will buy now but they may buy later
  3. Manage expectations early - let them know what they need
  4. Use multi-step forms - they are more effective than single page
  5. Make job picking simple - people are precious about their jobs
  6. Do you need their phone number? - people hate giving it to you
  7. Leverage your offline infrastructure - your branches can help you
  8. Insurance forms have their own quirks - be careful of how you structure them

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