Zuko is perfect for agencies working with clients on their online forms

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Get more customers completing your clients' forms and checkouts

Zuko has had many years experience working with agencies. Our form analytics and cart tracking tools have helped them increase conversion for their clients’ forms. This means that we’ve been able to develop metrics, reports and features to help agencies do what they do best - getting results for their clients.

see how zuko form analytics and cart tracking tool  can help your clients

Zuko’s agency users can access dedicated features such as:

To register as a Zuko agency user, sign up for a Zuko account and then let our support team know that you are an agency. We’ll then happily switch you to an agency account so you can get started on improving your clients' forms.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Improving the percentage of people that successfully complete your clients forms will have a long term sustainable benefit to the cost per acquisition of each customer. You can make budgets stretch further, and achieve more, with less.

Increase conversion rates

Conversion rate increases can be achieved by improving the final hurdle in an online buying journey. Forms are often neglected and there are often quick wins that have an immediate and long term impact on conversion rates.

Improve User Experience

By using Zuko to spot pain points and make improvements to their online forms, your clients' customers will have a superior user experience when interacting with their brand.

"As a specialist Conversion Rate Optimisation agency, we need the best possible tools at our disposal to help our clients understand online customer behaviour. In terms of form analytics, nothing comes close to the flexibility and power of Zuko. We've found it an invaluable tool for getting insight, and will continue to use Zuko for all our clients where their forms are a vital part of the online buying journey"
Garret Cunningham, COO, Endless Gain
Zuko's Big Guide to Form Optimization and Analytics Cover Shot

We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die

What types of forms can Zuko help improve?

Lead gen

Zuko can provide insight into any type of online form, but the ones where Zuko can add most value are when your client has a form that:

  • Is long or complex
  • Has a low conversion rate
  • Has a high cost per aquisition
  • Exists within a competitive market

Zuko integrates with all types of websites and forms

Form Blueprint Image

Zuko has been engineered to work with all online forms regardless of how they are built and rendered, so can track:

  • Single Page Apps (SPAs)
  • Form built using React.js
  • Forms behind logins or session based forms
  • Forms where content or inputs are loaded in dynamically
  • Inputs contained with a <div> rather than a <form></form></div>
  • Forms with dynamic field attributes
  • Forms built with third part tools such as Salesforce or Magento

So regardless of what technology your client is using, you can be sure that Zuko will be able to track it.

Ready to start getting insight into your online forms?

Features built with agencies in mind

Multi-user accounts

Zuko allows you to create multi organisations under one roof, and add users to any and all of those. You can grant team members and clients access to their own data, and give your team access to everything. All at no extra cost.

Easy export

Within Zuko you can export both topline form data and key field-level metrics for use in reporting and important into products like Google Data Studio

Multi-domain tracking

Once you've set up your Zuko account, you can add as many forms across as many different domains and websites as you like. You're only charged for the total form views tracked and are therefore not limited to the number of different sites you want to track.


Alerts can be set up in Zuko to inform you if one of your clients' forms has a serious problem. Roll back changes, turn off PPC campaigns and fix issues before they prove to be too costly.

Tag Manager Support

Zuko can be installed easily with tag manager such as GTM - no hard coding required. This allows you to deploy quickly and easily on your clients websites and forms.


Only looking for a sample of data? Not a problem.

We know that sometimes clients want to start with a review or sample of data before committing long term to a new product or analytics tool.

With Zuko, you're not required to sign up for a year, or even a month. You can pick a sample size, starting at 1000 visits, then use up that allowance over whatever time period you want. No monthly payments, no contract.

Once you've used up you sample, that's it. You can buy more, or leave the collected data there for review at any time.


Ready to start improving your clients forms?

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