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Zuko has been designed to be the most powerful form analytics platform available on the market today. It is super-flexible, and can track your forms regardless of how they are built technically. Below you can find information about how Zuko's patented software helps you truly understand web form visitor behaviour. If you're looking to build a form from scratch you can do so using Zuko's separate Form Builder product.

Zuko has all the features you need to be able to answer the following questions:

What fields cause my visitors to abandon?

What error messages are being shown, and how often?

What fields do visitors return to most?

What field takes most time to complete?

How do different devices interact with our form?

Can I be alerted when my form breaks?

What route do visitors take through our form?

Which step of our journey to people most abandon?

What fields are the most problematic for our visitors?

How can I improve the UX and conversion rate of my form?

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We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die

Overview stats

Explore how your forms are doing in out Form Data View

  • See your form visits, starters and completions over any time period (from a single hour to multiple years) grouped by hour, day, week or month
  • Compare metrics to previous period
  • View changes in form completion rates over time
  • See the average completion time and average field returns for both people that complete your form and those that abandon
  • Track the occurrence of any custom events - the number of times they occur, what percentage of sessions contained the event and how often it occured.
View guide to Zuko Form Data

Field level metrics

See all inputs and fields in your form along with helpful metrics that give insight into where visitors' struggle.

  • See exactly what fields visitors abandon
  • Examine where visitors have to return to fields after previously entering information, both for sessions that end in abandonment and sessions that eventually submit your form
  • Explore exactly how long visitors spend in each of your fields, and whether abandoned sessions spend longer interacting with particular inputs.
View guide to Zuko Field Data

"Zuko is a powerful tool as it offers great insight on how best to optimise our registration platform. By using it, we have been able to align our KPIs and minimise errors in order to provide  a flawless user experience. The platform is also very easy to use."

Roberta Grech, Product Tracking Specialist, Tipico

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View individual journeys

Zuko allows to to search for and explore individual visitors journeys through your form

  • Filter sessions by whether or not they end in completion or abandonment
  • Only view sessions that interact with a particular field or input
  • Explore the path a visitor or group takes through your form and quickly scan to see where field returns happen
  • Scan across sessions to find patterns of behaviour that suggest an underlying problem with your form
View guide to Zuko Session Explorer

See how visitors flow through your form

Zuko’s Field Flow function lets you see what visitors do after interacting with a specified field

  • Pick a field and see whether visitors progressed to another field, abandoned or successfully completed the form
  • Analyse whether visitor move to the field you would expect or if they are getting distracted
  • Understand why visitors try to submit your form but can’t do so
  • Identify the problem fields that visitors are being forced to return to after clicking your submit button
View guide to Zuko's Field Flow tool

Event and attribute tracking

Enrich your form metrics with other data you collect on customers

  • Push custom attributes into Zuko such as marketing source, basket size, new vs. returning, AB test version, product, device version and more.
  • All form and field metrics can be filtered by this data, giving you visibility into form issues that affect different segments of visitors
  • Push custom events into Zuko such as the occurrence of error messages, the popping up of a chat widget or anything that happen mid-session
  • See how many times an event occurred for both completed and abandoned sessions, what percentage of visitors these event happened too and how often
View guide to Custom Attributes in Zuko

Create custom dashboards

Set up custom views that pull in data from multiple segments and multiple forms, allowing you to quickly scan and export key top-level metrics in one place, including creating funnels.

  • Add columns to a comparison that show data from a form, and segments within that form
  • Compare different segments from the same form, or the same segment across different forms on your site
  • Quickly move between key metrics, such as View to Start Rate and Average Filed Returns
  • Build segments that draw in data from a multi-step form, empowering you to visualise entire customer journeys in one place
View guide to our Zuko Comparison Tool

Build form funnel reports

View how visitors flow though each step of your form

  • Group sections of your form together to view aggregated data on each step
  • See how many visitors progress from one stage to the next
  • Understand how many visitors abandon at each step
  • Track how long visitors are taking to complete the stages
View guide to Funnel Builder

Set form behaviour alerts

Zuko enables you to view hourly form metrics and then set alerts based on unusual movements in these metrics

  • Review historic data to give you context around unusual spikes or drops in metrics
  • Alerts are sent every hour if triggered, giving you near real-time visibility of issues in your form
  • Build mailing lists of people for different forms and different alerts
  • Restrict alerts to particular hours
View guide to Zuko Alerts Tool

Live data

Zuko data is viewable live and is updated in near real-time, meaning you always have recent data at your fingertips.

Tag Managers

Zuko can be implemented via any tag management system, without the need for developers changing the HTML of your site.

12 Month Data Expiry

Once you start collecting data, you can to a years worth of data to explore past trends.

IP Filtering

Want to filter out office traffic or automated testing software traffic? Use IP address filtering to ensure only clean data is shown.

Data Export

Easily download data from Segment Comparison into csv for use in other tools and reports.

Hyper Fast

Our compressed code is loaded via Amazon's global CDN, which means that Zuko won't slow down the user experience.


Easy set up

Zuko is straightforward to set up and can be added to your site via any tag management system. Simply configure the forms you want to track and add two pieces of code for each form. See our full documentation here.

Works with everything

Zuko is designed to work with every type of form, from multi-step checkouts to single page apps and forms hidden behind logins. Zuko also tracks fields automatically as visitors interact with them, even if they are added during a session.

GDPR compliant by design

gdpr compliant badge

Leading financial services organisations trust Zuko. If your organisation has more complex security requirements then our team will work within your security processes.

  • No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is transmitted or stored.
  • Zuko measures visitor behaviour and does not store visitor data.
  • ISO 27001 Data Center.

Zuko is interested in visitor behaviour, but not the information that a visitor enters into your forms. We don't track or store personal information, not even the IP address of the visitor, so our platform is fully GDPR compliant.

We're not looking to replace your existing UX, testing and analytics toolkit - we're looking add to it, strengthen and enrich the data you already have, and make your understanding of online user behaviour the best it's ever been. If forms are important to the future success of your business, you need to best product for the job.

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