Form Segment Comparison Guide

The Form Segment Comparison report is Zuko's flexible reporting tool. It allows you to build your own report to interrogate your form data with a simple visualisation of core metrics across different segments in one place. For information on how to compare individual fields read our guide to the Field Segment Comparison report.

Segments are cross sections of visitors who interacted with a selected form. This could be mobile visitors, visitors on Chrome, visitors that viewed Variant 2 of a page, or any combination of these:

Zuko Segment Comparison Filter Build

Form Segment Comparison lets you compare your chosen segments side-by-side or see how they trend over time.

(i) Side-by-side

The side-by-side view is the default view for the Form Segment Comparison report. It shows the data for key metrics in graphical and tabular format.

You can toggle the graph view between the different metrics by clicking on the legend.

Zuko Segment Comparison Legend

This view lets you compare key metrics both for different segments in the same form and also see how your different forms perform against each other. This is especially useful for multi-step form funnels:

Zuko Segment Comparison Multi-Step Report

Comparing custom metrics can help you clearly identify sources of traffic that result in more or less form completions. For example you can compare different PPC or email campaigns against each other to see which versions deliver the most positive outcome.

Zuko Segment Comparison Custom Metrics

Your comparisons are easily saved and give you the option of either a quick-dip or deep dive into your data.

You can download the data from any of your Segment Comparisons. The data will download into a spreadsheet, split out per day for the date range you've selected. You can also download the visual reports as a pdf so you can share it with anyone you like.

(ii) Over time

To view how the segments compare over time you can click on the “Segments Over Time” button in the top right corner.

Zuko Segment Comparison Over Time Button

An overlay will then show how the segments track over time against your selected metric. You can change the dates and granularity for the analysis period using the date selector and the metric you wish to view can be chosen using the dropdown in the top right:

Zuko Segment Comparison Over Time Nav Bar

This particular view is great for identifying significant differences between visitor segments over time. For example, if you run a new marketing campaign does your organic traffic behave differently or does it stay the same?

Creating New Segment Comparisons

Creating new comparisons is very straightforward. Click Segment Comparison in the Primary Navigation, then choose your Organisation from the Drop Down, and click Create Comparison.

Create New Segment in Zuko

From here, you can rename your new comparison by clicking the pencil symbol. You can also select any date range you are interested in.

Next, you need to start adding segments to your comparison. Simply click the top drop down to view all configured forms in your organisation, then select any additional filters you want to add from the second drop down, then click create.

Once you’ve added your first segment, the visualisation will appear.

Zuko - Segment Comparison Build

You can continue to add new segments on the right of your most recently added column. Each segment can be from the same form, or from any others currently configured within your organisation.

Above the bar chart, you can quickly switch between any of the tracked metrics to visually compare them.

With Segment Comparison there’s no limit to the number of segments you can compare and all of this data will be included in your Segment Comparison CSV download.

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