Field Segment Comparison Guide

This Guide is for the Field Segment Comparison report. For the Form Segment Comparison report (comparing segment data on the form as a whole) click here.

The Field Segment Comparison report allows you to do a side-by-side comparison of audience segments based on their behaviour within individual fields on your form. This level of granularity allows you to quickly pick out audience segments that differ from the norm, enabling you to hone in on particular problems. Real life examples of this might include:

To begin the guide select First Comparison (if it is your first report) or + Add New Comparison

Add new comparison


Then, click on ‘Add Segment’ and select the audience filter(s) you want from the dropdown.

Add segment screenshot

Do this for each segment you want to analyse and the ‘Abandon Count’ field data will be shown side by side. It will be displayed next to the data for All Sessions so you can make comparisons with that data if necessary.

View field segment data

You can then click on the Field Data dropdown to select the metric you wish to compare:

Field data dropdown - metric selection

The metrics you can choose from are:

Abandon Count

A count of how many times an abandon occurs on each field.

Abandon Rate

The rate at which an abandonment occurs on this field. This is calculated using the abandon count for the field divided by the amount of sessions that interacted with the field in some way.

Percent of Total Abandons

The percentage of abandons on each field out of the total abandons on the form.

Mean Returns

The average (mean) amount of returns to each field.

Mean Time Spent

The average (mean) time that visitors spend interacting with each field. This metric is in seconds.

Sessions Interacted

A count of sessions where the field was interacted with at least once.

Finally, if you need more information about the field attributes, you can click the ‘Manage Columns’ button to add that information into the table.

Manage columns

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