Field Data View Guide

The Field Data view shows you all of Zuko’s field level metrics to help you understand visitor behaviour within the inputs and field of your form. Think of this as a ‘field’ level summary.

Fields Overview

This chart shows at-a-glance how your fields are performing. The bigger the combined bar, the more problematic the field.

This chart looks at field level data across every form starter across three main metrics - field abandons, field time and field returns. It then shows you what proportion of the total happened in each field, giving you a very quick view of what field are responsible for the most problematic user behaviour. 

“If a field is abandoned a lot, takes up lots of time, and is returned to a lot, it must be problematic for users”

For example, if a field had a higher proportion of field abandons, field time and field returns, the total length of the bar next to it would be longer than any other, showing you that all visitors seem to have at least one but also a combination of frustrations with it.

You can change your view of the field level data by selecting the metrics you wish to exclude. For example, you can view all of your fields just looking at returns and time data, or just field abandons.

Abandoned fields overview

This table shows the fields where visitors abandon, how many times visitors have abandoned and the percentage of total abandons.

A field is counted as the abandoned fields if it was the last input a visitor interacted with before leaving your form.

You can see which fields have higher volumes of abandonment and what percentage of total abandons these contribute towards.

You can also choose to order the rows by the abandon count and percentage of total abandons which will show you the most abandoned fields first. The default is to show them according to the custom order you have set in the Field Labelling view.

Field Abandons Over Time

This graph plots the field abandon count and percentage rate together over time for any chosen field.

Simply select the field you’d like to see data from the dropdown at the top right of the graph.You can choose to view each metric in isolation by excluding the other by clicking on it.

This view is useful to see how the number of people abandon a field changes over time - for instance if you change the validation in a field, you may want to see how this affects the rate at which people abandon it.

Total Field Returns

This chart shows how many times visitors return to the fields in your form and how many of the sessions that returned to these fields went on to Abandon or Complete.

The bigger the combined bar, the more problematic the field, since it is returned to often by visitors.

Important - the Abandoned and Completed bars above are segments of people, and not an indication that a visitor returned to this field AND abandoned it at that point. For example a visitor might do this in your form:

Interact with Email Field

Interact with Phone Number Field

Interact with Email Field

Interact with Password Field

Interact with Email Field

Interact with Password Field

Abandon your form

In this case, the visitor would be counted as an abandon, and have returned to the email field twice, the password field once.

Field Returns Overview

This table gives a holistic view of field returns for your form.

You can see the number of sessions that interacted with specific fields, the percentage of those sessions that returned to that field and then the average number of returns to that field. These metrics are then split out into abandoned and completed sessions.

Working from left to right, you can read this table in the following way:

  1. How many visitors interacted with this field?
  2. Of those that interacted with this field, how many had to come back at least once?
  3. For those that came back, how many times did they come back?

If you were looking just at the abandoned visitors, that would become:

  1. How many visitors interacted with this field and eventually abandoned this form (at any point)?
  2. Of those abandoned sessions that interacted with this field, how many had to come back at least once?
  3. For those abandoned sessions that came back, how many times did they come back?

Note - You may find that certain fields have a much lower number of sessions that interact with them. This may be because abandoned sessions don’t get that far through the form and therefore never interact with those fields. It may also be because they are optional fields, or that signed in visitors do not have to interact with them at all.

Field Times Overview

This table shows the average time spent in your form’s fields and is split by Completed and Abandoned sessions. 

You can see how much time visitors spend in fields and if this correlates with visitors going on to abandon or complete the form.

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