Session Explorer Guide

Session Explorer enables you to see how your visitors interact with your form on a more granular level - right down to the order they interact with your fields.

Explore individual sessions, compare them side-by-side and see how they really navigate your forms.

Looking to pinpoint issues with a specific field causing abandonment? Simply select the date range, the field you’re interested in and then choose an unlimited combination of filters, from default options:

and even custom attributes you can add like:

See how your visitor sessions play out and where they are experiencing issues - for example do they keep returning to specific fields after hitting submit?

You can search for sessions that include interactions with any one of the elements in your form. When the sessions load, they will be highlighted in yellow in the view:

This allows you to quickly scan and pinpoint the part of the session you are interested in, and see the context around interactions with that element, as you can see what happened before and after those interactions.

How to use Session Explorer

  1. Choose a date range and select a field you’re most interested in

  1. Select the metrics you want to drill down with - for example abandoned sessions from returning customers on mobile. 

  1. Hit Load and interrogate away!

Optional filters

Session Duration and Total Field Returns are optional filters and can be used to pinpoint particularly problematic sessions:

Interpreting Session Explorer data

A selection of sessions fitting the search criteria will be displayed side-by-side, allowing you to see how the different sessions played out, what route each visitor took through your form and identify any trends or patterns in behaviour. 

The session timeline moves from top to bottom, so simply scroll down to see what happened as the sessions progressed, or side to side to see more sessions.

If you choose to search for sessions that interacted with a particular input, it will be highlighted in yellow within the displayed sessions showing  at which point(s) during the form journey visitors interacted with it.

Data preparing events are when a visitor inputs information in a field. 

A group of consecutive data preparing events with one field is referred to as a flurry. i.e. "A flurry of events within a field".

The red outline highlights flurries where a visitor returns to a field they have already interacted with. The number of times a visitor has returned to a field is shown in the bottom right of flurry. For example, in the below flurry, this is the first time a visitor has returned to the field (their 2nd attempt to enter data):

The amount of time between these flurries is shown by three stacked dots and the amount of seconds.

Reviewing Individual Sessions 

At the top of the session below we can see a summary information about the visitor’s session including information collected about the session using custom attributes.

As you move downwards, the visitor's session is displayed - what fields they interacted with, what they did in each field as well as any pauses between field interactions.

Looking at a snapshot of the session below in more detail, we can see that the visitor returned to the gross income field once and employment status field twice.

We can then compare this visitor session with others who abandoned, whose sessions were at least 600 seconds in duration and total number of field returns of 10 or more and interacted with the gross income field.

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