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Zuko’s Funnel Builder tool has been designed to let you group sections of your form together to view aggregated data and insight for each of them. It is ideal for multi-stage forms that already cluster similar information together but can also be used for a form with loose sections that you'd like to group together. The tool allows you to use funnel analytics to identify the problem sections in your form to increase conversions on your website.

Funnel Builder is super-easy to set up;

Firstly, click on the Form Builder link on the top navigation bar in the Zuko app. Then, use the “Add Stage” button to set the number of stages you wish to create.

Zuko Form Funnel Builder Screen Shot 1

You'll need to add the relevant fields to each stage. You do this by clicking the dropdown next to each stage and selecting the fields you want to include.

Form Funnel  Builder Screen Shot 2

If you want to rearrange the stage order you can drag and drop using the drag and drop icons to the left of the funnel.

Zuko Form Funnel Builder Screen Shot 3

Once you’re happy with your funnel click the “View Funnel Data” button and the tool will calculate and display the data for each stage. Specifically, you can see:


How many visitors interacted with this stage


How many visitors abandoned during this stage

Progression Rate

The proportion of visitors in this stage who also interacted with a later stage of the funnel

Mean Duration

The average length of time visitors spent in this stage


The number of visitors in your funnel that successfully completed the form

Note that "Progression Rate" means that a visitor has interacted with a later stage. If visitors skip stages or jump back and forth, the progression rate won't translate directly to the abandoned figure in the same stage or the sessions figure in the next stage.

The Funnel Builder is great for letting you quickly identify the big picture trends in your form; which steps are interacted with the most, where visitors are abandoning and how long they are spending on each section. If you need any help interpreting the data, Zuko’s customer success team would be happy to help. Contact them on

For more advice on how to get the most out of Funnel Builder read our article on using funnel analysis on your forms and checkouts.

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