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Webinar: 5 Form Tests to Improve your Conversion Rate

A/B Test results to help you improve your form's conversion rate

A fun interactive session for you. We partnered with Deborah O'Malley from GuessTheTest to share insight to help reduce the abandon rate of your online forms. Together we present 5 A/B form tests from GuessTheTest's extensive database, let you pick which variant you think "won", and then share the answer along before discussing the relevant learnings that can help improve your webforms and checkouts.

Questions and hypotheses we discuss in the video include:

  1. Do shorter forms always win?
  2. Are forms better placed on the left?
  3. Are multi-step forms best?
  4. How do error messages affect performance?
  5. Should you use trust elements / badges?

For more in-depth information on some of the topics covered in the webinar, follow these links:

Form Benchmarking Data

Multi Step Forms

Error Messages

Trust Elements

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