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Form Analytics Glossary: Get the Lingo

Understand the key terms to analyse and optimize your forms

The world of form optimization and analytics can be a confusing place. Practitioners use a lexicon that can seem arcane if you are not used to it.

To this end, we've put together a simple glossary that explains the most common terms in form analytics and will make sure you are never scratching your head again.

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Form Analytics Glossary

Abandon - When a user starts to complete a form but does not ultimately complete it.

A/B Testing - The process of testing two form variants with a single difference to compare their relative performance.

Avg. Session Duration - The average session time for visitors to a form. This includes both completion and abandoned sessions.

Captcha - A system commonly employed in forms to distinguish human input from bot spam.

Completions - When a user successfully completes a form. NB: This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have achieved what they want, just that they have completed the form process (think credit applications - a rejection after all the data has been submitted will count as a Completion as much as an acceptance).

Conversion Rate - The proportion of users who ultimately take a desired action on a website / form. Usually a form completion will also be the intended conversion.

CRO - Abbreviation of “Conversion Rate Optimization”. The process of making changes to your site / form to maximise the proportion of users taking a desired action.

CTA - Acronym for “Call to Action. An instruction that attempts to get the user to take a particular action. For example, “Click Here to Register”.

CX - Short for “Customer Experience”.  CX is the sum total of customers' interactions with a brand, product or service. Typically measured in terms of perceptions and feelings.

Default - The answer that the form automatically assigns to a field unless the user consciously changes it. Also: Static Default - A default that is always the same regardless of user; Dynamic / Smart Default - A default that changes based on information known about the user.

Error Message - The message displayed to a user when they submit data that is not acceptable to the form.

Field - An individual input required in a web form or checkout (e.g. “Name”, “Address”, etc).

Field Abandon - A field abandoned is the last field a user was interacting with before abandoning a session.

Form Builder - Software that enables you to create and publish online forms.

Field Return - A field return is when a user exits a field after entering some data only to return to it at a later stage in their session. A single field can have multiple field returns, and a session can also have many.

Field Time - The amount of time a user spends interacting with a particular field in a session.

Form Analytics - The tracking and metrics of how users interact with your web form.

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized coding language used to build most web forms.

Inline Validation - A technology where messages are shown immediately after the user types data into form fields

Masking - A technique where an input (e.g. password) is obscured on screen while it is being typed and submitted.

Microcopy - Small pieces of copy on a form that guide a user through the process.

Multivariate Testing - The cousin of A/B testing, it involves trialing two different versions of a form with multiple differences.

Non-Starters - The number of people who do not start the form after viewing it. I.e. They visit the web page containing the form but do not interact with it.

Progress Indicator - A visual representation of how far a user has got through a form (e.g. bar or timeline).

Radio Buttons - A type of field input that involves the user selecting one of a set of pre-selected options.

Segmentation - The breaking down of a user audience into smaller, discrete groups for the purpose of comparative analysis.

Social Proof - A CRO technique where users are subtly encouraged to complete a form through sharing the experiences of other, happy customers (e.g. testimonials or reviews).

Submit Button - The final button on a form where the user can submit all their inputs to the form’s owner.

Starters - A form Starter is a visitor who has interacted with any element within the form.

Starter to Completion Rate - The proportion of users who successfully complete the form after starting it.

UI - Abbreviation of “User Interface”. The way a user interacts with a digital product (typically involves the display rendered to them plus the possible interactions generated by the form / site).

User - An individual who is visiting a website / interacting with a form.

UX - Contraction of “User Experience”. Encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the form and website.

Views - The number of times a form was viewed by a unique visitor (includes starters and non-starters).

View to Completion Rate - The percentage of form views that ultimately end up converting.

View to Starter Rate - The proportion of users who interact with the form after viewing it.

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