Build forms that are
effortless to complete

Capture more submissions with no-code forms that are a breeze for customers to fill in.

  • Create embedded, standalone, and multi-step forms in a snap
  • Backed by 10 years of excellence in form analysis and optimization
  • Comes with deep form and user behavior analytics built-in
  • GDPR compliant

Collect up to 100 submissions per month for free

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zuko form analytics and optimization
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Leading companies around the world trust Zuko Analytics for form optimization


The only form builder backed by 10 years of deep form analyses

Zuko Forms is brought to you by Zuko Analytics – the world’s most powerful form analytics solution.

Zuko Analytics has analysed millions of form sessions over the last 10 years, and has developed a deep, fully data-backed understanding of how people interact and behave with forms.

And now, we’ve created a simple, no-code form-building tool with our industry-leading deep form analytics baked in. So you can slash form abandonment rates and improve form conversion rates – while significantly improving the quality of data that you collect.
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Less friction. More conversions.

No friction means no frustration for your customers, and higher conversion rates. And Zuko Form Builder’s UX is designed so that navigating, completing, and submitting forms the easiest thing your customers will do all day.

Here’s what you can do inside the form builder:

Build Easily Embeddable Forms

Embed your forms on web pages where users see them immediately – and can take action immediately – without needing to click through.

Build Simple Multi-Step Forms

Break down lengthy forms into smaller steps to make them more engaging, increase focus, and give users a sense of satisfaction as they watch their progress.

Naturally Mobile Responsive

Create forms that are easy to navigate, read, and interact with on mobile devices.

Export Your Collected Data

Leverage the full potential of your data by exporting to the CRM system or database of your choice.

Zuko Form Builder comes with
a free trial of Zuko Form Analytics

With Zuko Form Builder and Zuko Analytics combined, you can deeply analyse data
on each form field to answer burning questions like:

- Which questions make people abandon the form?
- Which error messages show, and how often?
- How is the form experience on a desktop vs. a smartphone?

Comes free with Zuko Form Builder to track 1,000 form sessions. No credit card required.

Learn more about Zuko Analytics

Start building forms that are
effortless to complete


Get the data you need by making it
easier for customers to give it to you

Whether you’re capturing leads, customers, or data, Zuko forms are designed to prevent them from bouncing – so that you can acquire more quality submissions.

Zuko form builder is a great fit for:

Lead Generation

Feedback & Surveys

Registration Forms

Research & Data


Customer Retention


What is Zuko Form Builder?
Zuko Form Builder is a no-code online form builder that helps you create UX-optimised, intuitive forms that minimise customer effort. Using Zuko Form Builder, you can easily create forms and embed them wherever customers see them.

What can I do with Zuko forms?

The sky’s the limit! With Zuko you can easily put together UX optimised forms for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys
  • Registration and Sign-Ups
  • Job Applications
  • Contact and Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Event Planning and RSVPs
  • Healthcare and Medical Records
  • Education and Academic Purposes
  • Employee Onboarding and HR
  • Feedback and Complaint Handling
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Surveys and Market Research
  • Government and Compliance Research and Data Collection
  • Feedback in UX/UI Design

Why Zuko Forms?

Zuko Forms are UX optimised with a deep understanding of how users interact with, drop off, and flow through forms.  Designed to minimise user friction and frustration, Zuko Forms helps you maximise potential prospects and data, enrich customer interactions, and ramp up conversions.

Are Zuko forms no-code?
Yes. No developers are required. It’s a simple matter to build and publish forms using Zuko without the need to code anything.

How much does Zuko form builder cost?

Zuko Form builder is very cost effective. View our pricing here.

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We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die
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