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The Best Online Form Building Tools - 2024

A review of the top form building software on the market

Zuko provides the most in-depth and flexible form tracking and analytics software on the market. Using this expertise, we've now created our own form builder aimed at delivering the optimal experience for the end form user.

We're not the only form building product on the market, though, and we often get asked which form creation tool is the best to opt for. 

The answer largely depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. Some solutions offer more basic functionality at a cheaper price point if your aim is to create simple forms, whereas other builders offer more features, more integrations and customer support. 

Our roundup of the top form building tools (in no particular order) gives you an overview of each platform’s USP and pricing, providing a great starting point to explore which tool is right for you. 

#1 Zuko Form Builder

The newest product on the market, Zuko Form Builder came out of a decade of form optimization experience at Zuko Analytics. We knew the common UX issues that affect many forms and most of the form builders out there focus on the business user, not on the person needing to complete the form at the end of the process. Because of this, we created a product with the end form completer in mind, ensuring a smooth user experience that eliminates form friction and maximizes the number of completions. It's been especially designed to deliver smooth, high converting lead generation forms which can quickly push any responses into your CRM.

Image Source: Zuko Form Builder

Zuko offers a free plan that let's you publish and start collecting responses right away, with paid plans starting from $28 per month.

#2 Jotform

Jotform is always a popular option, not only for its functionality, but also for the ease at which you can track your form data in Zuko. Many of our clients integrate their Jotform forms with Zuko and get the essential insights they need, so it is certainly one to consider. 

It’s a truly out the box solution, with the ability to pick a form template, drag and drop to customise your field, hit publish and you’re ready to go.

Jotform screenshot
Image source: Jotform

It’s a simple solution but comes with a wealth of added functionality to customise your form to get it to do what you need it to do - specialised templates for card payments and apps for example, as well as a bunch of integrations to Hubspot, Google Calendar and Slack to name just a few. And there’s a range of support via FAQs, guides (such as this one on improving your form's performance) plus an online user forum.

In terms of pricing, there is a  free starter kit for limited form views and fields, then Bronze, Silver and Gold packages ranging from $29 to $79 monthly offer the best solution for users who need greater flexibility in the number of forms, fields and payment submissions. 

If you opt for Jotform and wish to track your forms in Zuko, read our simple Jotform - Zuko integration guide.

#3 HubSpot

The ultimate integrated solution, HubSpot offers you not only the ability to create your form, but the capability to manage the data you receive efficiently from the moment your users complete it. 

HubSpot offers a drag and drop form builder, allowing you to create custom and integrated forms in seconds. This free form builder provides up to 1,000 form fields with a dozen different field types including checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdowns

Once your form has been completed, HubSpot automatically routes the details from your form to its powerful CRM system. From here you can manage the data sent to you from one place. You can send personalised emails, set reminder tasks to call interested prospects and effectively manage your customer relationships. 

Premium versions of HubSpot allow you to adapt your forms to suit your visitor with progressive profiling. With these advanced form design options and the use of analytics like Zuko, you’ll optimise your forms and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Simply put, with HubSpot you’re able to transform the data you receive in your forms into a powerful marketing resource.

Price: Form building is free, though to harness the power of HubSpot, you will want to purchase a package. For Marketing Hub offers, Starter bundles start from £38/mo to the Enterprise package at £2,624/mo. Features differ according to your package, though Enterprise packages feature web analytics, form automation and SEO recommendations. Prices are due to rise in the very near future. 

#4 LeadGen Form Builder

LeadGen App is an excellent tool for developing lead generation forms. The tool is intended to help you get a competitive advantage with forms that convert. It's aimed at marketers and agencies looking to construct high-converting online best web forms that provide results.

LeadGen App helps you acquire more leads by dividing your web forms into many sections. These dynamic forms help keep your consumers interested, direct users along multiple pathways, and screen out unqualified leads, effectively closing the form for visitors.

LeadGen App employs multi-step forms, social proof popups, and other features to help generate more conversions, collect more leads, and improve lead quality. 

Pricing: The tool offers 3 different pricing options; Pro - $49/mo, Scale - $99/mo, Enterprise $250/mo.

#5 Indy

Indy is the fastest-growing solution for small business owners and freelancers to better manage their businesses.

This all-in-one platform has ready-made templates for lead capture, client onboarding, project briefs, questionnaires, and gathering feedback. It’s incredibly simple to use with many ways to customize each template, from multiple choice options to dropdown menus and more.

Just drag and drop the elements you want to use and share the form with a link or embed it right into your website. You can also create your own form for any purpose, and save it as a template to use again and again.

Price: Form building is completely free with Indy. You can create as many forms as you want and share them with a simple link. However, if you want to embed forms into your website, you can upgrade to Indy’s Pro plan for just $12/mo (billed monthly) or $9/mo (billed yearly), where you’ll also get access to unlimited contracts, proposals, invoicing, client portals, and more.

#6 Formstack

One of the better-known names in form creation, Formstack is a highly compliant form builder for businesses.

A ready-to-use builder, Formstack allows you to create custom online forms off the bat without any coding experience. Using a drag and drop interface, Formstack allows you to build smart forms that react to user inputs, embed them on your website, send links via email and share them across social media platforms. 

Other handy features include integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Integrations, Dropbox and Marketo. 

Price: Pricing varies from $50/mo for a basic package to the Pro package at $208/mo which provides a greater number of forms, submissions and storage options. 

#7 WPForms

One of the world’s most popular form building platforms, WPForms markets itself as the best WordPress contact form plugin and offers a whole swath of features to integrate simple forms onto your WordPress website (no need to be a specialist Wordpress developer). 

From its drag-and-drop functionality to its mobile responsiveness, WPForms allows you to create forms with no developer input. It also comes with conditional logic built in for high performance forms, and forms can be easily embedded into pages, footers and sidebars. It also comes with a large array of integrations with third-party platforms such as PayPal and Hubspot, among others. 

WP Forms - Form Builder Screen Shot
Image Source: WP Forms

Pricing: Packages start at $39.50 per annum for the Basic tier for use on one site, up to the Elite bundle for businesses at $299.50 per annum, so it’s among the more cost-effective form solutions. 

#8 Giosg

Giosg simplifies the process of creating online forms with its user-friendly form builder. Instead of long and tedious forms, Giosg offers a seamless experience through its intuitive multi-step approach. This ensures that you collect essential contact details first, avoiding overwhelming potential leads.

Through their personalized integrations, you have the option to send leads directly to your email or synchronize them with your CRM and marketing automation system.

Giosg's form customization goes beyond the basics, allowing you to add engaging media like GIFs, emojis, and videos. Real-time A/B testing ensures optimal performance and detailed reports provide valuable insights for improving your forms. Beyond form creation, Giosg prioritizes accessibility, ensuring an optimal experience for all site visitors.

Price: To get pricing information tailored to your needs, contact Giosg for a custom quote.

#9 Typeform

Probably the coolest form builder on the list, Typeform offers a much more personalised approach to form building with the intention of making form filling a pleasure for your users rather than a chore. Styling form design as a conversation with the user, Typeform aims to encourage more thoughtful responses and higher conversion rates through closer interactions between customers and your forms. 

Typeform screenshot
Image source: Typeform

With beautiful, engaging interfaces, Typeform allows you to include images, gifs and video to bring your conversation to life. Set up is simple: you can simply pick existing templates out of the box or start from scratch, and simple forms shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get set up. Similar to other platforms, no coding experience is required. 

Typeforms offer a whole stack of integrations, from Hubspot to Slack, Google Docs, Shopify, Salesforce and many more. 

Price: Packages come in three tiers, from the Basic package at £21/mo to the Business package at £66/mo.

#10 Paperform

Another builder that focuses on attractive design while making it as simple as possible to get up and running. Marketing itself to small businesses, Paperform proposes a solution aimed to save time and money, without the need for any particular tech skills to get started.

Somewhere between a type form and a standard form, the form design is beautifully styled and gives you the option to interact as formally or informally as you like.

Paperform template screenshot
Image: Paperform

With connectivity to PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree it’s also great for securely taking payments, donations, and subscriptions. Paperform also has one of the highest numbers of app integration with over 2,000 other apps it can link with.

Price: Yearly plans start from $20 per month for individuals and small teams through to $135 per month larger teams and organisations, with priority support.

#11 Wufoo

As part of the Survey Monkey family, Wufoo has a long history and a reputation for enabling users to design beautiful forms. Again, Wufoo forms are built using drag-and-drop, meaning no coding experience is required.

Like many website form building tools, Wufoo features a library of themes out of the box, but also allows users to customise their designs and add logos and brand elements to your form. It also offers out-of-the-box reporting, as well as the ability to export your form data to spreadsheets. 

As with other builders, Wufoo also comes with a wealth of integrations, including WordPress, Mailchimp and PayPal.

Price: Free to build and share basic forms with limited traffic; paying plans start from $14.08/mo for limited features, up to $183.25/mo for the Ultimate package.

#12 Ninja Forms

The WordPress form builder. Aptly named, Ninja Forms affords the average layman with no tech background to come up with attractive and complex forms out of the box. Ninja Forms offers the possibility to create multistage and conditional forms, as well as integrate credit card and Paypal functions all on your WordPress website. They also offer a dedicated support team who are on hand to help if you come unstuck. 

Price: Pricing starts at $49/annum for a personal package, up to $299/annum for the all-in Agency package. Ninja Forms’ flexible subscription model also allows you to select a package and then apply add-ons to suit the functionality you need.

#13 Formsite

Formsite is a great option to consider if you need to collect secure data from your customers. Formsite offers secure connection technology and also manages the handling of registration and security certification for you, which removes some of the burden on your side. 

Like other tools, Formsite offers pre-existing themes but forms are fully customisable and allow you to add your own custom CSS to your forms if you wish. 

Formsite templates
Image source: Formsite

Price: Starts at $21 pm for the Deluxe package, up to $209 pm for the Enterprise package for large organisations. 

#14 Cognito Forms

If the main purpose of your form is to collect payments, Cognito Forms is well worth considering. With its integrated Online Payments feature, as well as its partnerships with Stripe, Square and PayPal, Cognito Forms is a reliable way to build forms to capture payments. 

Cognito Forms comes with in-built templates, and a wealth of automation that allows you to generate quotes and contracts, alerts relevant staff when a form is submitted and allows you to pull data from one form to use in another. 

Price: All plans come with a 14-day free trial and similar to other builders, Cognito Forms is available in different tiers with varying features, from the free individual package for one user and limited entries per month, to the Enterprise package with unlimited forms and 20 users for $99 pm. 

#15 Device Magic

Particularly useful for operations and industry management, Device Magic specialises in mobile forms designed to be completed by people on the move. Eliminating the need for paper forms,  Device Magic aims to reduce errors, streamline admin and reduce the amount of time teams in the field need to dedicate to data input. 

Device Magic boasts a number of workflow features to then deliver the data where you need it, massively streamlining workflow processes, and offers integrations with a host of software systems.  

Device Magic screenshot
Image source: Device Magic

Price: Pricing isn’t readily available online without signing up for the 14-day free trial for the Professional package, and will be quoted for you for your Enterprise package. Device Magic offers a demo of the product if you wish to discover more before committing.

#16 FormKeep (formerly Formbakery)

Featuring a simple drag and drop builder, FormKeep also offers spam protection to filter out the junk. FormKeep also allows you to export the HTML and Javascript and paste it directly onto your website, as well as giving the possibility to embed your form on your site or link to it directly.

Price: Free accounts are available with limited features, up to the Professional package at $19.50 pm and the Premium package at $59 pm. 

#17 123 Form Builder

A great feature of 123 Form Builder is its huge library of pre-existing form templates, handily arranged by type and by industry. Then it’s a case of using its drag and drop tool to customise your form and rolling it out. 123 Form Builder also provides the possibility of creating your forms from scratch, and boasts a range of integrations with Salesforce, PayPal and Dropbox, to name but a few.

Price: Five plans available, from the free Basic package, to the Enterprise package starting at $199.99 pm.

#18 Google Forms

If you use Google Workspace in your organisation and are working to a very limited budget, Google Forms is a good, cost-effective solution to easily create and share online forms and surveys, as well as analyse the data you receive in real time with its automatic summary feature. 

Being a part of Google Workspace, Google Forms is part of a broader package which includes Google Meet, Sheets and Drive among other programs. 

Google forms screenshot
Image source: Google

Price: Free for personal use, and $12 per month per user for the Business package. 

#19 Microsoft Forms

We couldn’t mention Google Forms without also highlighting Microsoft Forms, which markets itself as a form solution for business, for the home and for education. 

Microsoft Forms offers video integration into your forms, allowing you to enhance form questions with additional visual information. It also offers advanced analysis and quick visual data, as well as the ability to export your data into Microsoft Excel. 

Microsoft Forms is a part of the broader Microsoft 365 broader package which includes Word, Excel, Teams among others. 

Pricing: Microsoft 365 Basic Business bundles start at £4.50 per user per month, up to the Business Premium bundle at £16.60 per user per month.  

#20 Softr

Softr is a simple way to transform your spreadsheets or databases into fully functional business apps. Over 400,000+ teams build apps with Softr to streamline their workflows, ranging from small business owners to operations leaders in Fortune 500 companies.

Softr packs a punch with its robust features, like building dynamic forms with conditional logic. Build adaptive, multi-step forms within Softr for seamless user experiences. Automate various workflows, from onboarding to customer support, by sending form submissions to your app's data source or triggering actions through tools like Zapier and Make.

Price: Softr has a generous free forever plan you can use to build simple forms, conditional forms is available in the Pro plan and above starting from $139 /month

#21 Pabbly

Pabbly is perhaps unique in offering only one package that supports unlimited users, forms, views, payments and submissions, so you’re not limited in functionality according to your plan. Its subscription model also means you pay by the form, which also differentiates Pabbly from the other solutions on this list. 

Pabbly offers a drag-and-drop builder, a raft of existing templates, thank you pages, email autoresponders and a bunch of integrations. 

Price: $15 per month per form. 4 months are offered free if you can commit to a year. 

#22 Gravity Forms

As a Wordpress plug-in, Gravity Forms is another option for those of you looking to integrate your form in your WP website. Coming with tons of features such as drag-and-drop, conditional logic, paginated forms and a whole array of additional plug-ins, Gravity Forms also offers a whole swath of integrations too, making it a very comprehensive package. 

Gravity Forms also offers set-up guides, visual demos and contact support to help you get your forms up and running. 

Pricing: three packages are available, from a Basic Licence at $59 per annum to an Elite Licence at $259 per annum, each tier upgrade offering more add-ons, sites and additional support. 

#23 DashClicks

DashClicks' form building tool integrates with their broader marketing analytics and reporting platform so is great if you want a single application to run your lead gen or customer acquisition campaigns. Pricing packages start from a free version up to $597 per month.

#24 Visme

If you think creating a form requires coding experience and takes lots of time - you're wrong. Visme offers a DIY no-code form builder tool for this purpose.

Visme's form builder allows you to place a pre-made form template inside a presentation, document, infographic, or any other visual content (build a form from scratch.)

Here are the main features a form builder from Visme has:

Pricing: Visme's form builder is free to start with. To get more advanced features, however, you’ll need to upgrade to your account (the "Starter" plan costs $12.25 per month and the "Pro" is $24.75 per month.)"

#25 FormAssembly

FormAssembly positions itself as the most security focused form builder out there which is obviously a good thing. They also have a great Salesforce connector for businesses who use that for their CRM system. Finally, they also have specialist form solutions for businesses in the Healthcare, Government, Higher Education, Financial Services or Nonprofit sectors.

Pricing: Not advertised on their website. You'll need to arrange a conversation with their team to get a quote.

#26 crowdspring

If you're looking for a unique and memorable form design, you don't want a generic template that looks like thousands of other websites. Instead, improve conversions by collaborating with professional website designers on crowdspring to create a custom form design and great user experience that helps your business stand out. crowdspring offers dozens of unique designs in 7 days or less, original editable design files (PSD or formats of your choice), and a free legal contract that transfers full intellectual property rights to you.  crowdspring also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can make sure you get a design you love - or they'll give you your money back no questions asked.

Pricing: Starts at $499 (including all fees) for the design of custom landing pages with forms.

And an honourable mention: Clearbit forms

This isn’t strictly a form builder but rather form functionality that promises to streamline the user experience, and so it more than deserves a mention on this list. 

Clearbit, is a data API that uses existing data to pre-complete required form fields, meaning that only the form fields where the information is not provided by the API are shown to the customer to complete, which promises to vastly improve the customer experience.

Clearbit forms are already available to build on some of the tools mentioned here, such as Jotform and Paperform.

Still not sure which form builder to use? Many offer similar features, but there is a range of options out there to suit the outcome you are looking for within the budget you have available. As most offer free trials, feel free to explore the options for yourselves and shop around to find the solution that suits your business. 

Most importantly, once you’re up and running, this isn’t the end of the story. Use form analytics tools (we would highly recommend Zuko ;-) ) to get data on your form performance, make improvements based on the data and improve your conversion rates

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