Embed Zuko Tracking in Jotform

If you are using Jotform to add forms to your website you can easily embed Zuko tracking using this simple step by step guide:

Step 1 - Add Zuko to your Jotform

Visit the Jotform Widget page and select Zuko Form Analytics.

Then click the “Add to Form” button.

Step 2 - Get your Zuko “Slug”

The Zuko slug is a unique identifier for your form. In order to get one, you need to create an account in Zuko and then add your form to Zuko


Once you save your form, click on the "Details" tab to see your Zuko Slug:


Step 3 - Add the Slug

Copy the Zuko Slug and paste it into the Zuko Form Analytics widget setting in Jotform: 


You are then good to go and you can view your form’s data from within your Zuko account.


Once your form is ready, go ahead and: 

- Label and order your form fields once you start receiving analytics data, then

- Explore your data

- Discover the full power of Zuko

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