Use Zuko tracking on Zoho Forms

How to add Zuko tracking to your Zoho form

Zoho forms are a popular solution for building professional forms, especially in mobile-friendly formats. Once your Zoho form is built and live, you will want to integrate a form analytics platform to give you the insights on its performance, and where you can tweak it to make more users complete it.

Zuko is designed for exactly this! To add Zuko and start getting powerful insights into your Zoho form, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started. 

Please note that the below guide is designed for Zoho forms that are hosted on your website’s domain, which will depend on your plan and setup with Zoho. If this is not the case, please contact for advice on setting up Zuko on your form.

Step 1 - add your form to Zuko

On your Zuko account, click on Add Form on the dashboard, and you will be directed to the page below: 

Fill out your organisation details, the main contact, the label (how you would like the form to appear in Zuko), and the URL the form is hosted on. 

Step 2 - get your Zuko tracking codes

Zuko consists of an activity tracking tag and a completion tag- for more information about the Zuko tags, we have a separate in-depth guide to those here

You will find these tags on the Tracking Code page, like the example below: 

Step 3 - adding the Zuko codes to your form

You have a couple of options for adding the Zuko tracking codes to your Zoho form. Most users use a tag manager to fire the tags onto your site, but you can also embed the codes directly into the HTML of the page itself. 

If you wish to add Zuko directly to the HTML, make sure the code is integrated within the <body> of the HTML at the bottom (just before the </body> tag) to make sure the form elements are on the page before the Zuko code. 

If you opt to manage your Zuko tracking codes with a tag manager, the main principles are:

To learn more about adding the tracking codes, read this guide about adding Zuko to your site.

If you need any further support or advice on getting Zuko set up on your Zoho form, please contact and the team will be happy to assist you.

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