Adding tracking code to your site

Every form set up in Zuko has a unique tracking and completion code:

Activity tracking code - tracks views, starters, and all interactions with the fields and inputs on your form. Contains a unique 'slug' that identifies your form when data arrives at the Zuko servers. It will look something like this:

Completion tracking code - tracks successful completions of your forms. Also contains the unique slug for your form. It will look like this:

Nothing in either code dictates where the code should be placed on your site, which means you are free to put or fire these tags however works for your forms.

In plain english, you’ll need to configure the firing of codes to look something like this:

URL with form - fire activity tracking code for form
URL with confirmation message - fire completion tracking code for form.

As long as you stick with this as guidance, it really is up to you how you fire the codes on your site, but below you can find some guidance on some different types of form setup.

Different types of form setup

Tag managers - Zuko can be added to your site directly or via a tag management system.

For forms where no new URL is loaded when the form is submitted, you’ll need to fire the completion code another way. Any event that you consider to be an indication that the form has been submitted is a good trigger for the completion code. This could be a popup message or javascript event.

For a multi-step form across different URLs, you can find a guide on how to add codes here.

For a form that appears in multiple places on your site, you’ll need to fire the same activity tracking and completion tracking codes in multiple places. In short, wherever that form appears, fire the activity tracking code.

A single URL can be used to fire the completion codes for multiple different form journeys.


The Zuko activity tracking code needs to be loaded after the form itself has been loaded onto a page. Sometimes this will mean that using Pageview as a trigger in GTM or other tag management system will not work, since the Zuko code will fire before the form ‘exists’ on the page. Consider using on Window Loaded, DOM ready, or a Timer trigger.

The most complete guide to installation can be found here:

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