Checking your code installation

Once your installation is complete you can view events being sent to Zuko in the network tab of your browser.

Here the Zuko JavaScript library had successfully loaded on the form page:

Loaded library

A form view event is sent to Zuko:

Form view event sent to Zuko

You should see a form view event as soon as you can see the form on your page. For most, this will be just after the main Zuko javascript is loaded.

An interaction event is sent to Zuko:

Interaction event sent to Zuko

After the main Zuko code is loaded, start to interact wth different elements in your form; you should see events being sent to Zuko in a constant stream, like the above.

A completion event is sent to Zuko:

Completion event sent to Zuko

If you can submit your form, do so and look out for the above event to ensure completion events are being fired correctly.

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