Metric Definitions

Views- The number of times a form was viewed by a visitor.

Starters - The number of times a form was started by a visitor. A starter is a visitor who has interacted with any element within the form. A session can only be counted as a starter once.

Completions - The number of times a form has been successfully completed, signified by firing the Zuko completion code.

View to starter rate - The % of form starters as compared to form views - how many people started interacting with the form after viewing it?

Starter to completion rate- The % of form completions when compared to  form starters. How many people completed the form after starting it?

Non-starters - The number of people who do not start the form after viewing it. A visitor will be counted as a non-starter if their session triggers the form view event but do not record any interactions with any element of the form.

Abandons - The number of people who abandon the form after starting it. A session will count as an abandoner if they view a form, start interacting with any element within the tracked form but do not trigger the completion event.

Field Abandon - A field abandoned is assigned to a field if it was the last field a visitor was interacting with before abandoning a session.

% of total Abandons - The proportion of abandons that happen in this field - of all the field abandons in this form, what % does this field’s abandons represent?

View to completion rate - This compares the number of form completions to form views - this is often used as a benchmark for how’ good’ a form is, and is similar to conversion rate.

Field Return - A field return is when a visitor exits a field after entering some data only to return to it at a later stage in their session. A single field can have multiple field returns, and a session can also have many.

Total Field Returns - The total number of field returns that occur in this field, looking across all sessions.

Avg. Field returns per session - Looking across all sessions, what was the average number of times that a visitor had to return to fields that they had previously exited. This metrics only consider form starters in its calculation.

Number of Sessions Interacted - What number of sessions (count) interacted with this field?

% of Sessions Returned - Of the sessions that interacted with this field, what percentage returned at least once?

Mean Returns to Field - For sessions that did return to this field, what was the mean number of field returns? This calculation only looks at visitors that returned, so the value will always be >1.

Avg. Sessions duration - The average session time for visitors to your form. This includes both completion and abandoned session.

Field time - The amount a time a visitor spends interacting with a field in a session. This metric sums up all periods where a visitor is interacting within a field and entering data, even if this happens in distinct ‘flurries’ separated by interactions with another field.

Compare to previous period - Compares the metric to the immediately preceding  period chosen in the date range selector. E.g. If you’re looking at the last 7 days, the compare feature will show the 7 days before that. If you’re looking at last month, it will compare the month before that.

Completed and Abandoned Segments - Where metrics are split out into Completed and Abandoned session, this means the chosen metric has been calculated by looking at only sessions that eventually complete or abandon, NOT that the abandon or completion happen immediately after that metric occurred. For example: Field A has a Mean Return To Field Count of 4.5 for Abandon sessions. This means that looking at only session that eventually ended in abandonment returned to this field an average of 4.5 times. This may have occurred anytime throughout the session.

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