Average Field Return Over Time Graph

At Zuko we’re continually developing new features and are excited to share our latest feature: the Average Field Returns Over Time graph.

This new graph gives you long term view of the average number of field returns for your form and enables you to see the effect of changes you make to your forms. You can clearly see the impact of any changes you make to your forms and the effect they have on the number of field returns during visitor sessions.

A reduction in the average number field returns per session would indicate that visitors find your form easier to complete – you may have improved field labels or added in-line validation so visitors complete fields accurately first time so they only visits each field once and don’t need to return to them to make corrections. An increase in average field returns per session could indicate issues with your form, for example functionality may be broken and visitors may be unclear about what information is required in the different fields meaning they need to return to fields during their session.

The average number of field returns can vary wildly between forms and can depend on a number of factors including the length and complexity of the form,  number of fields the type of information you ask your visitors for but, typically, a reduction in the average number of field returns is positive.

In the graph below we can see blue line in the graph shows the average number of field returns for completed sessions and the orange line shows the same for abandoned sessions.

In this example, we can see two things – first, that abandoned sessions on average have fewer field returns than completed sessions. This is likely due to the fact that abandon session are often shorted and contain fewer interactions with inputs within the form (since the person left before completion the form). Completed sessions have a higher number of field returns and can show that despite a field return being frustrating for a visitor, completing a form may often involve amending various pieces of information entered, often multiple times.

Second, we can see that the average number of field returns is getting higher for completed sessions, and lower for abandoned sessions. This may be an indication that abandoners get frustrated more quickly (and therefore don’t hang around long enough to return to more fields), and that completers are increasingly having to change more information. This might be a good time to look at potential field validation issues.

The Average Field Returns Over Time graph is the latest feature update for Zuko. This graph makes it even easier to see the longer term impact of changes you make to your forms and the effect they have on the average number of field returns.

This new feature is one of many new and exciting features and updates for Zuko, giving you a new perspective on your form data.
If you have any questions about this update or would like a demo of Zuko please get in touch sales@zuko.io

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