Merging Data from Fields Together

When looking at your field label configuration, you may see several fields that look as if they they should be tracked as one field, like this:

Zuko uses the Name and ID attributes from the HTML of your form page to distinguish between different fields. What this means is that if a field has a Name or ID that changes for different visitors, Zuko will see them as ‘different’ fields on each session, since the information contained in the field is changing each time.

You may also simply want to combine data from several similar fields that you consider to be the same, or that you would find it simpler and more useful to combine data from these fields into one in the rest of the Zuko reporting.

You can therefore use the Field Merging section in your Field Configuration view to set up rules to merge data from different fields together:

You can apply a matching rule to either the Name or ID attribute, looking for a pattern across fields that will target the fields you want, but ignore others - for example, you don’t want to create a rule so broad that it merges lots of fields together.

Simply select whether you would like to target either the Name or ID attribute, and then enter a matching rule in the box provided using RegEx.

You can find a useful guide to some simple RegEx matching rules here -

In the above example, I want to merge data from all the field that start with ‘data.pavement’ and I can use either the name or ID. 

In this instance I can going to use the ID and RegEx to add a merging rule of ‘data.pavement*’ the asterisk ignore everything after it.

Once I have finished writing my rule, simply click the + symbol, and the field will be added to the list of labelled fields underneath, and any fields where the rule matched will be removed from the unconfigured list above:

You can see that because my rule successfully matched all of the fields I wanted, they have disappeared from the top. This is a good way to check they the rule you have written is targeting the intended fields for merging.

Now I just need to give it a Label, then click save at the bottom of the page. If you make a mistake in your rule, you can use the Undo icon on the right.

NOTE - once a rule has been set, labelled and saved, it cannot be undone within Zuko. It is a one way, irreversible process, so double check your work before saving.

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