Using Webhooks with Zuko Form Builder

Zuko Forms Submissions Webhook Integration

Webhooks allow form submission data to be automatically sent to your applications and systems when submissions are received by Zuko Forms. For example, you could set up a webhook to add leads to your internal CRM system when your form receives a submission, including all of the information submitted.

It doesn’t matter what programming language your systems use; pretty much any system can be extended to support receiving webhooks if it doesn’t already support them.

How to setup a webhook

  1. From the Zuko form builder app, choose your form.
  2. Select the Integrations tab at the top.
  3. Enter your webhook endpoint in the Webhook section.
  4. Save the change.
  5. Now, when a submission is received, it will automatically be sent to the configured endpoint.

Enter your webhook endpoint here in the Integrations section

Points to note

Example request body


  "name": "Test Name",

  "email": "",

  "telephone-number": "01234567890",

  "accepted-terms": true


If you need any help using the webhook then please contact us on

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