Zapier Integration

Zapier is workflow integration software that lets you easily push events and data from one software app into another.

With Zuko Form Builder, you can use Zapier to push your form submissions into any connected app. Most commonly, this can be used to push your form responses into your CRM system (Hubspot, Salesforce and many more) or directly into a spreadsheet.

To do this you will need:

You can copy your API key from the profile section of your Zuko account

The form ID can be found at the Integrations tab

Once you've got those you can connect to the Zuko-Zapier integration at this link.

Step-by-step guide:

1. On opening the invitation you can accept and start to build a Zap.

2. In the Zapier console click to create a new Zap.

3. Search for the ‘Zuko Form Builder’ trigger.

4. Select the New Submission Received event.

5. As you continue you will be asked connect Zapier to your Zuko account. Input your API key and form ID (as shown above)
6. You can then test the trigger. You will receive up to 5 recent submissions for you to be able to review the fields you will be sending to the connected app.
7. You can then connect Zapier to your chosen app, selecting the relevant trigger or action.
8. Finally, test the setup, and check you have received a test submission into your connected app.

Should you require any assistance with this setup please contact

FAQs about the Zuko-Zapier Integration

What are tasks?

Zapier provides 100 tasks in their free account. A task is counted every time a Zap successfully moves a Zuko Forms submission into your chosen app.

Can I have more steps in my Zap?

You only need a single step Zap to move a Zuko Forms submission into your chosen app.

How can I add Zuko Forms submissions to HubSpot?

Create a Zap to be triggered on the Zuko Form Builder New Submission Received event. Connect to Hubspot, selecting the Create Form Submission event. This will then create a new submission for the selected HubSpot form.

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