Export Data Using Zuko's API

Introduction to the Zuko Sessions API

Zuko’s Sessions API gives you the flexibility to extract, display and analyse your form analytics data in a variety of places outside of the Zuko app. This guide provides an overview of what the API is, what the benefits are and how to get started with it.

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It is essentially an interface that allows two different software applications to communicate with each other.

Put simply, it enables you to export data from one software platform and push them into another. In Zuko’s case, it means you can take our sessions data and visualise it or analyse it in another dedicated software product.

What data will Zuko’s Sessions API give me?

The Zuko sessions data you can extract is raw unaggregated visitor sessions. Each of these sessions will contain data on visitor behaviour (clicks / keypresses on fields) alongside any attributes attached to that session (new Vs returning, device type, operating system, browser, etc). Custom attributes and custom events that you have pushed into Zuko during the session will be included.

You can then use this data to build custom aggregated reports enabling you to understand how visitors behave on your forms in more depth. You can also feed this raw data into other tools and services that you may use.

What can I do with Zuko’s Sessions API?

Zuko’s Sessions API enables you to build bespoke reports and visualise / analyse them in the application of your choice. Some examples of things you might do using the API include:

How do I get started with Zuko’s Sessions API?

To get started you’ll need an API key which is the code required to access the data on your forms. To get one added to your account please contact your Zuko account manager on support@zuko.io

Once you have the key, you’ll be able to build integrations using the API. You can access more detailed technical documentation to help you do that here. We also have example code which illustrates how to extract Zuko data using Python.

Finally, if Google Data Studio is where you want to export your Zuko data to, you can read the dedicated guide to doing that here.

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