Setting up a Zuko Agency Account

Zuko offers unique features for agencies who manage form tracking across multiple clients.

Holding an agency account means you can:

If you would like a Zuko agency account please inform your account manager or contact

Managing Clients

Once you have an agency account, you can add your clients from the Clients tab on your Edit Agency page.

Zuko Agency Account Set-Up
Your agency page will let you add agency users, clients and manage your session limits

Simply, click to 'Add New Client', enter the organisation's name and they’ll be added to your list.

Next you can add the client’s forms, and proceed on with tracking code installation as you would with any form.

If you would like your client’s contacts to have access to the Zuko reports directly, make sure that you are on the relevant client page add them as a client user. They will receive an invite to create a Zuko account.

Note: If you add users on the Agency page they will be given access to all clients by default. It is up to you if you wish to add your own client contacts as users but make sure that you only add them to the client organisation you want them to have access to.

Zuko Agency Portal - Add Client User
Give client contacts access by using this button

Managing Session Limits

As an agency with a monthly Zuko subscription for a set amount of sessions, you will want to spread your total session limit out across your clients to make sure they all get tracked appropriately.

Our agency feature allows you to set specific session levels for each client. For example, if you have a client with a high traffic form, you can isolate a number of sessions, whilst still allocating a smaller number of sessions to other clients. This prevents high traffic forms from absorbing too much of your monthly session limit and ensures all of your clients can track sessions each month. 

Note: Client forms will only start tracking when you have saved their session limit and installed the tracking code onto the forms.

In this example we allocate a portion of the agency’s session limit to each client:

Set the session limit using the text boxes and then save

Monitoring Client Usage

As an agency, you still benefit from the overview tools in Zuko. Your client forms will all appear in your dashboard where you can set them as favourites or check each form’s total sessions and each client’s remaining monthly allowance:

Your dashboard will tell you how many sessions your forms and clients have tracked

If you need any help getting your account or forms configured, please contact us on

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