Median Session Duration Over Time Graph

At Zuko we strive to deliver the best possible data experience. We’re continually developing new features and the latest is new graph: Median Session Duration Over Time.

This new graph gives you long term view of the Median Session Duration for your form. You can clearly see the impact of any changes you make to your forms and the effect they have on the duration of visitor sessions.

You would, typically, expect to see a reduction in session duration following the deployment of changes that make your form easier to complete. Conversely, an increase in session duration can indicate issues with your form for example there may be an issue with some field functionality making it difficult for your visitors to progress or complete which could lead to an increase in abandonment.

Session duration can vary hugely between forms and can depend on a number of factors including the number of fields and type of inputs required from visitors e.g. radio buttons vs text  but, usually, a reduction in session duration is positive.

In the graph above we can see blue line in the graph shows the session duration of completed sessions and the red line shows the same for abandoned sessions. In this example, the abandoned sessions have a much shorter duration than completed sessions which would be expected if visitors aren’t able to progress through or complete the form. We can also see a reduction in the session duration for completed sessions which would expect to follow any form improvements.

The Median Session Duration Over Time graph is the latest feature update for Zuko. This graph makes it even easier to see the longer term impact of changes you make to your forms and the effect they have on session duration.

This new feature is one of many new and exciting features and updates for Zuko, giving you a new perspective on your form data.
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