Exporting Form Level Data from Zuko

Exporting form level data from Zuko happens via the Segment Comparison report.

As a reminder, the Segment Comparison report allows you to create a visualization that draws in data from different sources into one place. This could be data from one form, or several, and can include as many filters as you want (or none).

For example you could have different comparisons to show you:

Once you have created a segment comparison, you can then easily download the data to CSV.

In the below, a Comparison has been created to compare data from different Channels (set up as Custom Attributes within Zuko) within the same form:

You could continue to add more columns to this comparison if needed, but once you are ready, click Download CSV on the right hand side.

NOTE - the download will be for the date range selected on the left, so if you want to change this, do so before exporting the data.

You'll then be given the option of what metrics you would like to include in the export:

Check or uncheck any metrics, then confirm the Download to CSV.

Within the CSV, you'll see something like the following:

Along the top, you can see columns for each of the metrics chosen for each of the segment contained within your Comparison. Along the side, rows are for each 24 hour period in your form.

You can then manipulate this data as you wish!

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