Publishing your form

  1. Once you have built your form and you’re ready to publish it, click on the Publish button on your dashboard:

  1. Upon successful publication of your form, you will see the following message appear:

At this point, your form is active and can begin receiving submissions and tracking data in Zuko Analytics. You can access the form by clicking on the link provided. 

  1. In order to share your form with your users, you have a couple of options open to you: you can either share a unique URL which contains your form, or you can decide to embed your form within your site. 
  1. Click on the Share/Embed button on the Publish pop-up box, and you will be directed to the following page: 

  1. If you wish to share your form, you can simply copy the URL in the ‘Share a direct link’ option. 
  1. If you wish to embed the form on your site, click on the Copy button on the ‘Embed into your site’ option; this will copy the iframe source script. Then simply paste this script into a container within the HTML <body> of your webpage where you would like the form to appear. 
  1. Your form is live. User interactions and form submissions will now be processed however you decide to share your form with your users. 
  1. If you decide you no longer wish for the form to be published and available for public use, click on the Unpublish Form button at the bottom of this page: 

Once you have unpublished your form, remember to remove the link or the iframe from your website. 

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