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View and track students' progression through your online forms

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Anthology Inc. has partnered with Formisimo to provide you easy access to their Zuko platform - the market-leading way to understand how people (students in your case) interact with online form journeys. It now seamlessly integrates with the forms builder platform.

Track completions and abandons

View how many people view, start, complete and abandon your forms, tracked over time.

Field level data and insight

View time spent in each field, where people abandon and where they have to return to most often.

View behaviour on different devices

Segment your data based on browser and device, so you can see how easy it is to complete on each.

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What types of forms can Zuko track for you?

Zuko can track any of the forms you have set up in Forms Builder, but here are some examples:

Online Application
Request for Information
Enrollment Agreement
Financial Aid Forms
Document Collection Forms
And more

Integration with Forms Builder is straightforward

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Getting set up in Zuko is straightforward. To start showing you data within the Zuko dashboards, we need two things in place:

  • A Form Sequence Published and Ready to Receive Data
  • Tracking Codes Added to Your Form Sequences within Forms Builder

After these are in place, logins can be created for any users you want to have access to the Zuko platform and fields that data has been received for can be labeled and ordered for a better tracking experience within the Zuko Dashboards.

Zuko guides for Forms Builder customers

Zuko pricing

The pricing for Zuko is simple - simply count the total number of form views your forms receive in a month and see our pricing buckets below (includes an Anthology Exclusive discount):

Up to

form views
per month
per month

Up to

form views
per month
per month

Up to

form views
per month
per month

Up to

form views
per month
per month

License includes - unlimited forms and domains, all features, and unlimited users

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