Zuko has partnered with CXL

CXL community members can access the Zuko platform for free

CXL Zuko Partner Logo

Zuko has partnered with CXL, the top skill building platform for marketers and analysts. We're giving free access to the Zuko tool to all CXL community members.

Why would we do such a generous and magnanimous thing you may ask?

Well firstly, we are nice people....

....but of course we are also a business. We hope that by giving the tool to the World's best up-and-coming marketers we'll drive awareness of Zuko and hopefully you'll recommend us to your clients, employers, etc. A win for all.

To get your free access to the tool, follow these simple steps:

1. Register with Zuko

To access the tool you'll need to register for it like everyone else. Don't worry, it's all free and we won't take any financial details. You can do that by getting started here and selecting the "Start a Free Trial" option.

2. Confirm you are part of the CXL community

This offer is only available to those who are officially registered as part of the CXL community. If you are not sure whether you are part of this community you can check eligibility in the terms and conditions. We're a trusting bunch, though, so we have faith in the honour system. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to confirm you are part of the community and apply for the free access.

3. We'll add the free subscription and get back to you

By registering with Zuko, you will already have access to the tool with the session allocation that comes with our free trial. This means you can already add the tool to your forms and start tracking. Once we've double checked everything we'll also add the free subscription to your account giving you the ability to track up to 10,000 form sessions per month and benefit from the full suite of Zuko's features.

So, once you have registered with Zuko, sign up for the offer using this form: