Form Optimization Case Study

Appalachian Underwriters

In Summary

Company: Appalachian Underwriters, Inc.

Sector: Financial Services (Insurance)

Country: USA

Results: Successful form completion volumes rose by 20%

“Without Zuko we would never have known where and why our customers were getting frustrated with our forms. We would have been making guesses in the dark. Zuko’s data enables us to be customer centric in the forms we provide by evaluating their pain points and habits.”

Dakota Stiles, Digital Enablement Manager, Appalachian Underwriters, Inc.

The Challenge

Appalachian Underwriters is a US based insurance wholesale outlet who use a variety of forms to process agency appointment applications, new business submissions, and service requests. Their goal was to improve the usability of these forms to increase the proportion of visitors who successfully completed them and provide a better customer experience.

Appalachian underwriters form screenshot

Appalachian Underwriters use Jotform to create most of their forms. Through Zuko’s integration with Jotform they were able to quickly install data tracking across their form base to understand where their friction points were and how best to smooth them out.

The Solution

Zuko data enabled Appalachian Underwriters to identify UX issues on their Homeowners Submission form. They could see how users were getting stuck at certain points and were sometimes being asked unnecessary and duplicative questions.

By working with Zuko, Appalachian Underwriters were able to confidently institute changes to the form with the aim of removing this friction. Specifically, they:

  • Created conditional logic to allow users to skip irrelevant questions.
  • Added an autofill function to avoid customers re-entering data that needed to be repeated (where a users’ location and mailing address were the same, for example).
  • Removed questions that were not strictly necessary for the submission to be processed.

The Results

The impact of the changes was immediately positive. The conversion rate for the form in the three months running up to the changes was 55%. After the changes it improved to 67%. This essentially drove volumes of completed forms up by 20% just based on these changes. In addition, the average length of time it took for users to successfully complete the form fell from 10½ minutes to 8½ minutes.

Case study - graph of form improvement

Appalachian Underwriters were delighted with these results and continue to use Zuko across their forms.

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