End User Personal Data Summary

Zuko tracks the behaviour data of end-users of our clients’ websites. Although we do not track the content of their data input and we do not process any directly identifiable end-user data, some of the data that is processed may be considered as personal data under certain privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR).

This table outlines the data that may fall within this category and what Zuko does with this information. None of this data is shared outside of Zuko or the Client.
Data Category How we use it
Zuko Visitor ID Zuko generates a unique visitor ID for each end-user (set at the browser level) to append behaviour data to. This is created via a 1st party cookie to track individuals’ behaviour within a form and to determine whether they are new or returning users. It is then passed to Zuko for processing.This ID is anonymised and cannot be used to directly identify an individual.
IP Address The end-user’s IP address is passed to Zuko to determine whether the data should be processed (Zuko has an IP blocking feature). Note that, following this assessment, the IP address data is then dropped and not stored on Zuko’s systems.
Zuko may process other categories of personal data for our clients (as opposed to their end users). The processing of this is covered in our privacy policy.
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