Shopify Plus Checkout Tracking with Zuko

Many of Zuko's customers are Shopify Plus customers who use the platform to track visitor behaviour on their checkout. This guide takes you through how you can get Zuko set up so you can start harvesting the data you need to help you improve your conversion rate.

Please note that this guide applies to the Shopify Plus eCommerce platform only. The basic Shopify platform often blocks 3rd party scripts from its checkout so you may not be able to use Zuko on those. We do have some customers who have successfully loaded Google Tag Manager onto their Shopify checkout so you may be able to set up tracking in that way.

There are two ways you can get the Shopify Plus tracking live:

1. Use Google Tag Manager

If you have already installed GTM on your Shopify Plus pages it is a relatively simple matter to add Zuko tracking. You can do so by following the standard instructions on setting up Zuko using Google Tag Manager.

If you don't have GTM installed you can do so by following Shopify's instructions to add it to their theme.

2. Add Zuko's tracking directly into Shopify Plus's console

You can directly add Zuko's code snippets into the Shopify theme. There are two code snippets you will have to copy and paste; the activity tracking one which will trigger on the checkout load and the completion tracking one which will trigger on a successful checkout completion.

You can find the relevant code snippets in your Zuko account: Forms > Tracking Code

Zuko form tracking code snippets example

To install the code in the correct place please follow these steps:

Activity tracking

Completion tracking

Zuko completion tracking must be added to a page or step that confirms the checkout form has been successfully submitted. This may be different from form-to-form, but as a guide here is how to add Zuko tracking to Shopify’s order confirmation ‘/thank-you’ page.

If you have any issues getting the code set up then please do contact us on and we'll be happy to help.

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