Get more customers completing your forms

Zuko is an online form + checkout analytics and optimization tool:

  • Understand when, where and why visitors abandon your forms
  • Get data on each form field to identify where your UX issues are
  • Start tracking within minutes - no developer needed
  • Dedicated account manager to help you interpret your data

Easier and quicker to track forms than Google Analytics

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zuko form analytics and optimization

Winner "CRO Analytics Tool of the Year" at the Experimentation Elite Awards 2024

Experimentation Elite Award
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Just a few of the companies who use Zuko to understand their online forms

Looking to improve your form conversion?

Submit your form to get a free health check showing you:
  • Likely friction points leading to abandonment
  • Form elements contributing positively
  • Other areas for UX improvement

What results can you achieve with Zuko?

Zuko helps improve the form experience for your website visitors and, ultimately, increases your form conversion rate. Here’s a sample of some of the results Zuko users have achieved:


+19% uplift in conversions


80% drop in customer service calls caused by incorrect orders


+20% increase in conversion volumes

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Zuko answers these questions:

Which fields cause my visitors to abandon?

Zuko identifies the problem areas on your form that are causing visitors to drop out and never come back.

How do visitors flow through the form?

Zuko shows you if your form users follow the path you expect or do something unforeseen. See what they do when something goes wrong, revealing the points of friction in your form.

What error messages are being shown, and how often?

Zuko can tell you which error messages are triggering on your form, helping you understand where your visitors are struggling.

That's not all. Zuko can also tell you:

What fields do visitors return to most?

Which field takes most time to complete?

How does visitor behaviour vary by device?

Is my form broken? When did it happen?

Where do most people abandon our form?

Which fields are the most problematic for our visitors?

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Works out of the box with most web forms

Zuko has been designed to be super-easy to set up - no need to tag each field (like you have to with Google Analytics), just install two tags and you're ready to go. Zuko will work with third party form and checkout providers including:
Jotform | Shopify Plus | Hubspot | Magento | Pardot | Wordpress | BigCommerce
"We have used the services of Zuko for the last 2 years and have benefited from their vast knowledge and experience in digital journey optimization.  As a company they are very easy to work with and be connected to and we value the input they have given us when developing new digital journeys and enhancing our existing digital propositions."
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Stephen Paton, Digital & Customer Experience Manager, Sainsbury's Bank
“Zuko has enabled us to improve visitor to conversion rates for a series of clients. An example of this is a website increasing their click to enquiry rate by 25% through form changes highlighted to us through Zuko as ‘sticking points’.”
Steve Tarbard, Owner,
"Zuko was a game changer for us. It was the only form analytics software we could find that tracks data from Pardot iFrames. The depth of the data is impressive and easy to digest. Their account reps are very responsive and helpful. Overall, a great experience."
Addison Witt, Digital Marketing Manager, Emplify
"The insights we gained from Zuko have been very helpful in pinpointing the issues we are having in our form, and the team has been very helpful in gathering those insights!"
Matthias Ferlings, Online Marketing Coordinator Web Analytics, Lebara
"We're a B2B lead generation business and our forms are critical to driving quality leads to our sales teams. Zuko is by far the best tool to analyse and optimise form flow in order to improve our conversion rates."
Bryan Hunter, Head of Digital Marking, The Instant Group
“Zuko made it possible for us gain further insight into the behaviour of consumers in our forms. This gave us a lot of valuable learnings and input for conversion optimization. It’s probably the quickest way to improve your conversions!"
Robert Veltkamp, Manager Online Marketing, via
"Zuko helped us decide where to put our development efforts on at the most important part of our website: our checkout forms. The new and improved checkouts, based on many valuable usage insights from Zuko, are now being built by our front-end team."
Stefan Sleutjes, Digital Strategist,
"Formisimo's easy to implement tool enabled Udacity to easily identify the outages when customers fill out lead generation and check out forms.
Zuko rocks."
Scott Wilder, Global Head of Life Cycle and Growth Marketing, & Demand Gen , Udacity

Improve conversion rates and UX

Zuko will provide a quantitative source of data that will supercharge your conversion rate improvement. Actionable insights from Zuko can lead to huge results on your site.

Conduct more effective A/B tests

Zuko will provide better testing hypotheses by providing you with field-level customer insight. You can compare A/B test version results in Zuko too - know why a test won.

Fill the gap in your analytics stack

For too long you've not known exactly why your form journey does not convert. Now, you can truly understand how your form is performing, and measure it over time.

Which forms can Zuko improve?

As a checkout optimization tool, Zuko can provide insight into any online form, but those that benefit most from Zuko tend to be ones that:

  • Are long or complex
  • Cannot be cut down significantly
  • Have a high cost per acquisition
  • Exist within a competitive market
  • Have a high lifetime value for new customers
  • Form a vital part of the online customer journey
Zuko's Big Guide to Form Optimization and Analytics Cover Shot

We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die
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