Zuko Vs Glassbox for Form Analytics

We never really think of Zuko as a form tracking alternative to Glassbox. Essentially, Glassbox has no form analytics functionality so the products complement each other rather than compete.

Rather than comparing Zuko to Glassbox, it is worth examining their synergy. In fact, we’d go further than that. Zuko and Glassbox are preferred partners as we cover areas that the other doesn’t, making a joint package the natural choice for many businesses.

Of course, as with all our other comparisons to UX tools, we do need to illustrate what Zuko offers in terms of form analytics capability and compare it to Glassbox but, as Glassbox haven’t developed their own form tracking functionality, don’t read too much into it.




From $56
Not Available
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Field Returns / Corrections
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Form Funnels
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Basic Session + Completion Data
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Individual Sessions Overview
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Time Breakdowns
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Custom Audience Segmentation
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Auto Indication of Problem Fields
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User Flow Charts
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Error Message Tracking
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Failed Submissions
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Automatic Field Labelling
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A/B Test Support
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"Early Warning" Alerts
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"Build your Own" Flexible Reporting
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API Export
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Things Zuko Doesn’t do that Glassbox Does

Glassbox has been expanding its product offering, acquiring UX software products like SessionCam to deliver a greater range of features. Zuko focuses on providing the best form analytics insights in the market while Glassbox offers Session Replay, Journey Mapping and Real User Monitoring.

Zuko vs Glassbox Pricing for Form Analytics

Glassbox doesn’t make its pricing publicly available but its packages start at the 50,000 sessions per month tracking level. Standalone Zuko pricing begins at $140 per month for 10,000 form user sessions. Joint pricing for Zuko and Glassbox is available on application.

Here's what our customers think

"Zuko and Glassbox naturally complement each other which is why we use both to optimize our user journey, including the forms at the sharp end of it."
VP of eCommerce, Global Credit Bureau
"We have used the services of Zuko for the last 2 years and have benefited from their vast knowledge and experience in digital journey optimization.  As a company they are very easy to work with and be connected to and we value the input they have given us when developing new digital journeys and enhancing our existing digital propositions."
sainsburys bank logo
Stephen Paton, Digital & Customer Experience Manager, Sainsbury's Bank
“Zuko has enabled us to improve visitor to conversion rates for a series of clients. An example of this is a website increasing their click to enquiry rate by 25% through form changes highlighted to us through Zuko as ‘sticking points’.”
Steve Tarbard, Owner, Beyondclicks.co.uk
"Zuko was a game changer for us. It was the only form analytics software we could find that tracks data from Pardot iFrames. The depth of the data is impressive and easy to digest. Their account reps are very responsive and helpful. Overall, a great experience."
Addison Witt, Digital Marketing Manager, Emplify
"The insights we gained from Zuko have been very helpful in pinpointing the issues we are having in our form, and the team has been very helpful in gathering those insights!"
Matthias Ferlings, Online Marketing Coordinator Web Analytics, Lebara
"We're a B2B lead generation business and our forms are critical to driving quality leads to our sales teams. Zuko is by far the best tool to analyse and optimise form flow in order to improve our conversion rates."
Bryan Hunter, Head of Digital Marking, The Instant Group
“Zuko made it possible for us gain further insight into the behaviour of consumers in our forms. This gave us a lot of valuable learnings and input for conversion optimization. It’s probably the quickest way to improve your conversions!"
Robert Veltkamp, Manager Online Marketing, via Bovag.nl
"Zuko helped us decide where to put our development efforts on at the most important part of our website: our checkout forms. The new and improved checkouts, based on many valuable usage insights from Zuko, are now being built by our front-end team."
Stefan Sleutjes, Digital Strategist, Verzekeruzelf.nl
"Formisimo's easy to implement tool enabled Udacity to easily identify the outages when customers fill out lead generation and check out forms.
Zuko rocks."
Scott Wilder, Global Head of Life Cycle and Growth Marketing, & Demand Gen , Udacity