Track the effect of A/B testing on your forms with is one of our favourite A/B testing tools, allowing you to optimize and personalize your website to drive greater customer value
Integrate Zuko into your A/B tests
  • Set up A/B tests in Convert
  • Track the effect of each variant in Zuko
  • Understand how user behaviour changes in your form depending on the A/B version. Do customers abandon the form at different points? Does one version outperform the other?
  • Use Zuko data to understand how each individual field performance changes by variant and use this to optimize your form conversion.

Get started with our guide to integrating Zuko analysis into your A/B testing with Convert.

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We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die
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