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Experimentation, Analytics & CRO Event List 2023

Post-covid, the event scene is picking up again. On this page we'll host a living list of events taking place in 2023 in the Experimentation, Digital Analytics, Growth Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization spaces.

This list will be constantly updated so if you see any events that are missing feel free to let us know by emailing support@zuko.io


Superweek - Hungary - 30th January


Experiment Summit - Virtual - 1st February

Measurecamp - Melbourne, Australia - 11th February


Measurecamp North America - Virtual - 11th March

Inorbit - Slovenia - 16th March

Conversion Boost - Copenhagen, Denmark - 21st March

Measurecamp - Helsinki, Finland- 25th March


Measurefest - Brighton, UK - 19th April

Emerce Conversion - Amsterdam, Netherlands - 20th April

Measurecamp - Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22nd April

WAW Copenhagen - Denmark - 25th April


Crap Talks - Manchester, UK - 4th May


Measurecamp - Copenhagen, Denmark - 10th June

Conversion Conference - Las Vegas, USA - 19th June

Marketing Analytics Summit - Las Vegas, USA - 19th June

Growth Marketing Summit - Frankfurt, Germany - 22nd June

Digital Elite Camp - Estonia - Exact date TBC

Measurecamp - Paris, France - 24th June

Measurecamp - Munich, Germany - 24th June

Experimentation Elite - London, UK - 28th June


Experimentation Culture Awards - Virtual - 6th July


No events currently listed


UXCon - Vienna, Austria - 13th September

Experiment Nation - Virtual - 18th September

Non-Profit Innovation & Optimization Summit - Dallas, USA - 19th September

Measurecamp - London, UK - 30th September


Measurecamp - Stockholm, Sweden - 7th October

Measuresummit - Virtual - 11th October

CXL Live - Austin, USA - 16th October

Growth Hackers - San Francisco, USA - 17th October

MIT CODE: Conference on Digital Experimentation - Boston, USA - Exact date TBC

ConversionJam - Stockholm, Sweden - 26th October

Measurecamp - Sydney, Australia - 28th October

Measurecamp - Bucharest, Romania - 28th October

DDMA Experimentation Heroes - Amsterdam, Netherlands - 31st October


The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel - Texel, Netherlands - 17th November

Measurecamp - Vienna, Austria - 18th November


Experimentation Elite - London, UK - Exact date TBC

Series Events

Measurecamp - Various Venues - Some confirmed above but rest of schedule TBC

Crap Talks - London, UK - Regular Schedule

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