Formisimo is now called Zuko

The Formisimo platform is now rebranded as Zuko and offers more features than ever to improve the user experience of your web forms and get more customers completing them.

Since its founding in 2014, Formisimo has sought to make the world's online forms better through data. We've worked with thousands of companies in hundreds of countries, and our journey continues to this day.


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The Zuko Platform has now replaced Formisimo (the product)

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Zuko is our next generation form analytics platform. We’ve taken all of our learnings, and all customer feedback, and created a new way to measure form behaviour.

It has all the great form analytics reports in Formisimo, but we’ve added many new visualisations and some amazing features (including custom segmentation and custom events, behavioural alerting and many more).

We’re adding new features and visualisations on a fortnightly basis. As Zuko is more powerful, faster and has more features than Formisimo we’ve stopped onboarding customers on to our legacy platform. You may have ended up on this page as you’re interested in using Formisimo.

What’s different in Zuko
From tagging to reporting, everything is better in Zuko. Our integration process is as easy as Formisimo but we’re able to track even more types of forms and elements. We capture more types of behaviour in a form, and we ingest and analyse data in a faster, more efficient way. Within the Zuko reporting interface, you’ll see a big difference between the platforms. Zuko contains more insight, more functionality and some amazing new features (like our Alerting system and Session Explorer).

Zuko is the best form analytics platform available on the market. Find out more about our innovative platform by taking a product tour


Zuko is the world's most powerful form analytics solution

If you or a client has a form on their website that is a vital part of an online experience, then we can help make it better. Using data and insight, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and finally give you all the tools you need to make that experience the best its ever been.

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We wrote the book on form optimization!

"The best book on form design ever written - 80 pages of PURE GOLD"
Craig Sullivan, CEO, Optimise or Die

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Always wanted to know whether your forms' conversion rates are lower than other forms in your industry? Now you can, for free.

We've pulled data from millions of sessions tracked by Zuko and crunched the numbers, So you can compare various metrics from your form to the averages across different industries and form types.


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